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  1. L'shanah tovah!

    Happy Rosh HaShanah (after sunset tonight). Even if you're not a practicing Jew anymore you know what it's all about. Hopefully some of you are gonna do it up big tonight, I know I am- lots of food, lots of buds, and good family.

    To everybody else: Hope you guys have a good Friday too :smoking:
  2. L'chaim!

    At least I'll have a good Friday :smoking:
  3. happy holiday my jewish brothers
  4. Jewish Stoners UNITE
  5. I'm not Jewish, but happy holidays to all our jewish blades!
  6. [​IMG]

    Im thinking of making a small firecracker for tonight's meal. Have a good new year/friday everyone!
  7. That sounds like an awesome idea

    *heads off to make lots of firecrackers*

    It's like a double whammy of a holiday tonight. It's shabbos and Rosh HaShanah. 2 feasts in one :D
  8. yea man, im excited for a fresh start in the new year...
  9. Happy holidays :D
  10. Shabbos + Rosh Hashanah= Super dee dooper long reading tonight.

    Too bad I don't speak with my father anymore and I'm going to do LSD at a jam band festival in massachusetts.

    Have fun with your honey and apples tonight as I will miss it dearly.
  11. I cleaned a shabbad house and the rabbi's house for a job for a few months..

    i hated it.

    they fit every stereotype perfectly... but they didn't care.

    and they didn't let me use an electronic dishwasher.. wtf

    happy friday tho people
  12. safe brothers,
    i can't blaze cos i'm on drugs testing, but i would. My RA is an ass :p
    thinking of getting a vaporgenie...
    happy new year,
  13. Happy New Year!

    Apples and honey oh so yummy.

    And I'm gonna do it up big tonight, hotels party and the guy I'm paired with in the house is doing B-57 shots and I'm doing White Russians. This room is gonna be bumpin.

    First exams are next week though, so starting Sunday I'll be studying big time.
  14. I've always considered the week after Rosh HaShanah my kinda "crack down and study" time anyway, since the 6 days leading up to Yom Kippur are supposed to be the days during the year when you straighten everything out. It has always helped put me in the right mindset to focus on school.
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    That sounds like a good idea but I have a firecracker to enhance tonight's meal and joint for sunday night- but I actually might start blazing only on the week or on occasions after this holiday.........................

    it'll def be a refresher. \

  16. Happy New Year all!!!
  17. happy new years to you guys! even tho I'm agnostic I'll get crunk for you guys
  18. !שנה טובה
    I just got home from services. the choir at my synagogue is awful. They drag out everything and not one of them sings in the same key and any of the others. We're currently building a new shul so for the past few years we've been in a high school. which isnt bad, plenty of space. but sometimes they forget to leave the AC on. omg, today it was a beautiful 75 degrees out. inside it felt like 100. i swear an old guy passed out. Oh wells. anyone going to services tomorrow? i usually go day 2 if theres nothing major going on like work or class. and since its sunday, theres no reason not to go i guess. its nice seeing my family and all.
    anyway, shabbat shalom and i wish u all the best.

  19. Yeah, our shul is also in a high school for the time being, because some punks decided to vandalize it one night. I'll be at services tomorrow, also minyan service in the morning. Hope Rosh HaShanah has been good to you so far man, I know it has been to me. I'm actually looking forward to Yom Kippur this year...I have quite a bit to ask HaShem to help me out with.

    shabbat shalom man. L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem

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