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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hydrator, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. im curious as to what you guys prefer to use as hydro mediums and for what reason.

    just trying to get a general outlook as im trying coco this time instead of perlite for new grow, if u like a brief description of youre setup would be great!

  2. g,day fellow aussie (again)
    i went with youre advice that you give me last time we spoke and my setup is now very simillar to what u have and are hoping for similar results as u (fingers crossed)

    put my new clones in last night but accidently snaped one half way down , i put a splint on it , hope it survives.

    anyway whats with the pest strips? and is that juicy fruit that u talked about in a different post real good yea! ithink i need to get me some of that! for smell reasons.
  3. not sure of exact strain but think its a indica cross sativa,
    have u ever got seeds from internet seed banks,do u think the would have juicy fruit or do u know where i could get some?
  4. sound good! i think ill have to do some reserch with fellow growers in my erea or check out the seed banks
  5. maybe someone else could ad to the medium question!?
  6. LOL...sorry, but whenever I would read either one of your posts I would imagine Steve Irwin reading it to me. I need to lay down I think.
  7. criikey did ya see that little bliter he nearly took me bloody arm off!.....have another cone mate...or maybe two..ha ha ha
    steve irwin hey, the yanks love him
  8. Maybe you have tryied sticky fly paper that comes in a roll type container then rolls out into a 3-4 foor strip of very sticky paper it will catch any size bug that happenes to hit ot land on it. This way you could see if you have bugs in the area. And it will help keep them away from your plants.
  9. yo critter have you ever started sprouting in soil and moved it into a DWc or any type hydro setup with out the girls sufering to much... is that possible cuz I tried using start plugs (i think they were coco fibers from wormsway) and they never grew until I put them in soil I am gonna put them in my setup i a couple of days good idea or what...
  10. yo critter I was planning on using a suoer strive in the DWC for the first week to help them get over teh transplant will that work or not.
  11. what if I put them in a hot house that has a heat mat but also it has a dome to build humidty and shit and layer the bottom with super thrive diluted in water will that work or just do it your way.

  12. Sprouted in peat pots and moved to gro rocks. Saturated soils made an ideal habitat for bug infestation.

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