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To that girl in florida who told the judge to fuck off

Discussion in 'General' started by letsmokeasweet, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. thanks....lol...i always wanted to, but i didnt have the guts to.
    u did and now u have my upmost respect.

    my brother did that once and he got his bail revoked and they set his next court date for six months later.

    u got lucky....
    ps take the jail time cause probation sucks

    this next bowl is for you :)
  2. Yeah she did that...and then went back and apologized.

    And he was a good man and forgave her and released her.

    Hardly a person to look up to, as evidently she can't stand by her convictions :wave:
  3. This is exactly what's wrong in the world today.
  4. i dont see why you look up to her, show some respect the man is simply doing his job.
  5. She's lucky as hell.

    I would have no mercy on that little shit.

    Judge doesn't make the rules, and it's not his fault she is in court in the first place.

  6. yeah but considering most judges are corrupt like the entire "justice" system...

  7. Some people just gotta blame the system, instead of pointing the finger back at themselves.

    Yeah, some people are screwed over by the system. The majority of people, however, only have themselves to blame.

  8. ...and his job is basically to ruin peoples lives/through minor roadblocks in peoples lives based on what he his feeling at the moment.

    Judges are rarely something that should be looked up to and they don't deserve most of the respect that they get.

  9. Except they kinda do

  10. Because when you don't get away with it then suddenly everyone is corrupt..
  11. fuck the judges fuck the prosecutors fuck the public defenders. it's all bullshit. especially where I live where the judges are complete dicks and give maximum penalties whenever possible. This is literally one of the worst states for getting caught with weed because the whole justice system here is fucked for weed.
  12. Then don't get caught. It's seriously not that difficult to stay outta trouble
  13. I have a feeling people who look up to her also looked up to Chris dorner lol..

  14. 1. Judges don't make the rules the people you elect do, VOTE.
    2. Judges are elected, VOTE.
    3. Judges apply the laws, no more, no less.
    4. People break rules, sometimes more than once.
    5. You can't fix stupid, thank god you can film it.


  15. I've never been caught.
  16. This bitch is dumb. If anything I'm gonna be nice to the judge. I was really nice to him and he threatened to drug test me, but I was like no, I learned my lesson. And he didn't. He was real cool, it was the town's police was why I was in court in the first place. Why i was in there some people coulda went to jail for, or lose their license longer, I only got $100 fine. Just be cool with him.
  17. Judges crack me up. They spend most of their early career sending innocent people to prison, lying to protect child molesters and murderers, and somehow manage to attain an "honorable" status somehow? Lol

  18. So prosecutors send innocent people to jail and defenders keep rapists out? Dont think you can have both lol

  19. thanks for posting the video.. when you make a thread about something its usually a good idea to post the video with it.

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