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  1. High GC, Is a microscope to powerful for viewing trichomes? I have heard of people using pocket scopes of 30x -60x to view tric's but im trying with a microscope and having no luck getting my harvest right. My scope only goes down to 100x 200x magnification is this to much. I can see the tric's no problem but I can't tell what color they are.

    When tric's are clear do they look like metal? Like chrome? I think ive been cutting my plants a little early. My plants are full of tric's and almost 100% of pistils are red but I want milky/amber tric's.

    I need some advice as im sure I keep getting it wrong, should I buy a pocket scope and try with that?

    When I havest almost 100% of pistils are red but I still think im chopping to early.

    Or as the post says, am I just to stupid for a scope???
  2. Sounds like your about as excited as I get when I'm harvesting. :hello:

    A 100x scope is fine. The key is to start looking at them at about week 3 or 4 so you have a good idea of what clear trichs look like.

    You'll notice a definite change over the next few weeks. Just check every few days. :)
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    You've prob already seen this but...

    well for some reason I cant post pics from my gallery...but theres a chart of Trichs on the bottom of second page of my gallery
  4. Cheers _numb_ Ive seen the chart 100's of times and in theory I know what im looking for. I can just never make my mind up on my tric's! Ive never had a real couch lock high off any of my plants always a head wreck trippy high. Ive got 3 bagseed plants that will have been flushed for 2weeks tomorrow so im thinking of chopping them all a week apart.

    I have pics of the bagseed in my link during mid flower but no new pics as im to poor for a camera!

    Anybody else crap at using thier scope?
  5. Picture 202.jpg

    Ive had another look today and I think they are slowly turning milky, Im going to leave her growing and checking her as I want milky/amber.
  6. Update, today they are mostly milky. I have never seen Tric's like this so I now know that ive been doing all my past harvest to early! I was looking at the Tric's in different stages of clear! Doh, what a newbie error. This is the same bagseed as my last harvest revegged so it will be interesting to see the difference.

    Im still improving my growing skills even now thanks to GC!

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