To stealth order or to not is the question

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  1. What's up guys. So it's come time that I need some beans. I've been searching on info for a while. I'm only grabbing around 5 so it's a super small order. Seems attitude is having trouble with customs and herbies is the way to go. It's gonna be going through East coast customs. I've already asked if my credit card is safe to use peeps from forums said no prob.

    Soo as for the topic of this thread. It seems just using regular shipping would be the safest bet, I've read that they don't search something so small like a regular envelope and way more likely to look through a package like the shirts and tins etc

    Anyone have any input? This is my first time ordering I really don't want it to be siezed and I deff don't want any red flags popping up my way even though it's a small scale
  2. I've sended seeds from amsterdam to the states a few times, never stealth packaged and it arrived every time. I sended 4 or 5 times to Denver
  3. If guarantee comes with stealth, fo sho!  It's the way to go!
  4. Cool thanks. But isn't the guarantee that they will resend if the get stopped in customs? Trying to avoid them getting stopped in the first place and not raising any red flags. If they get stopped I won't be reordering for a while
  5. I've ordered twice from Attitude to Canada. No stealth and everything came through just fine. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that they xray larger packages but envelopes slip right through
  6. Totally how I feel. And I have mailed other things in regular envelopes when I go on vacation lol n I have no problem ever but that's not dealing with customs either. Thanks for the replys

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