To smoke or not to smoke

Discussion in 'General' started by eldude-arino, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. So I haven't smoked for about 3 weeks (since I met this new chic- not because of her, just haven't felt the call of MJ since)....anyway

    I worked 12 hrs yesterday, 11 today, call her...can't get ahold of her...she calls, comes over and one of the first things she told me is that she stopeed to see this ex she is hung up normally shit like that doesn't get to me, but wtf, he cheated on her with 4 other chich (cheated=fucked...not just a kiss or some shit) and she still takes his calls on occassion, he texts her all the time, she talks about him somewhat just gets to me, it's how i was in my last relationship, i talked about my ex alot (and it really rubbed the girl at the time the wrong way)... anyway, like i said, it doesn't usually get to me, but the first thing that coems out of my baby's mouth after a long day of work should not be a story regarding her ex... i'm just down for smoking... i was trying to hold off until thurs just as a control thing but now i want to get baked and say fuck it

  2. well if you have weed on you this very second smoke:smoke:
  3. still have a 40 sack i bought from RIGHT before i stopped ;)

    idk, though, i really was hoping to lower my tolerance and get super blazed on thurs...ah well, i'm probably goin to do it and watch seinfeld...peace....good to be back at the city
  4. yea, light up, and invite her ;)

  5. :hello: :hello: :hello: Congratulations lasting THREE WEEKS!

    I'm on day 3 and doubt lasting untill Thursday:smoke: .

    But mental toughness in that area is not my strong point.

    Do what makes you happy.:wave:

    If smoking now and not doing what you wanted to do and wait untill Thursday is worth it and makes you happy then enjoy and relax after long days of WORK. :bongin:

    Especially after hearing about an old boyfriend your girl got her heart broken it seems if she still talks to him...
  6. i think u should do whatever you feel like

    if i was stressed out, i would smoke

    but, really just try talking to her about it and explaining how u feel, but make sure u dont come off like ur accusing her of getting with her ex or it will end up her getting pissed that u dont trust her
  7. ive known certain females to use this method (ex-boyfriend thing) as a sign of their want for a good boning.
    hi5 dood!

    then again, it might not be that at all so be careful :D

    do what makes you happy bro
  8. nexis, w/o saying too much... i know this, and it is a fact...but she just tells me she wants it ;)

    btw, i tooked a hit or two, then i fell asleep with my oney beside me, never got baked though, so i guess it doesn't count
  9. Yeah I was going on a break but the weed is still in my house and I just can't have that it must be smoked. I love to smoke and I will just have to smoke more b/c I am not taking a break just yet. Sorry to here about this ex guy though, Just tell her how you feel about the situation, and she should understand. Llet her know how much trouble it has caused in the past relationships and she should get the picture. Good luck JOE>

  10. Wow, I wonder why that is?! :rolleyes:

    So, you met this new chick, and you're calling her your 'baby' so can I assume you've actually hooked up? She's not just a friend that pops over to see you but doesn't know that you're interested?

    Well, if she's your girlfriend (for lack of a better word), then, no, she shouldn't be jabbering about her ex to you. And if she's always talking about her ex to you, then she shouldn't be your girlfriend...

    ... unless, of course, this is some new-fangled sort of relationship that doesn't conform to my idea of what a relationship should be about. Then that would be up to you to figure out what the next step would be. But personally, I don't much care to date someone if their focus is on someone else and not me, and I don't date until I'm over the last relationship. :cool:

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