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To smoke or not to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ieatpolarbears, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Yeah, one of these threads again. I'm going out to a parade that I'm going to e playing drums in one of the marching bands for it. I play the heaviest drums in the drumline, and I'm the only competent one that can play it. So it could suck to get high for it. Or it could be really cool. I don't really have to worry about anyone finding out because the band director smokes weed everyday, an has seen me high plenty before. So what do you guys think. Would you?
  2. why is this even a question? smoke a blunt while marching in the parade.
  3. I wouldn't, actually. But then again, I'm a boring person, who doesn't smoke when he's going to school or to work ;) I pretty much find the thought of being high while I am having responsibilities pretty lame, because I can never be sure how the herb affects my performance. I'd just play as usual, march the parade and after that hit it hard with the band director to celebrate a job well done. But I'm not trying to tell you what to do - many musicians swear that the herb makes them play even better.
  4. [quote name='"iVapeTooMuch"']why is this even a question? smoke a blunt while marching in the parade.[/quote]

    I'm with this guy. It'll be an experience you'll cherish forever
  5. If no one cares then just smoke. If you play in a marching band I'm sure you've practiced enough to the point where its almost automatic anyway.
  6. always

    I marched 3 years ago in highschool. Always baked. It was a religious experiene
  7. I just smoked, cuz I figured, if I go to practice high alll the time, why not just be high or the parade? But I'm sober enough that I just managed to shave without killing myself, so I think I'll be pretty good.
  8. I like your style, kid. Now go parade the FUCK outta that street
  9. You fucking know it bro!
  10. Hahaha, fucking Marching band, how can you not get high for that shit? I used to get high for performances all the time because all the music that I played was memorized.

    Just get into it and let your hands do the work, don't overthink anything and you'll be fine.
  11. you should try smoking weed out of a trombone.
  12. dude dont ask us, can you handle that? if not then dont, its that simple.
  13. I would.I mean come on,wouldn't it be a fun experience.
  14. Everythings better high
  15. I always wanted to lead or participate in a public event high as fuck, I'd probably surprisingly.

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