To smoke or not to smoke: its in your hands.

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Alright, I told myself this morning that im going to try and go 2-3 days without smoking.

    Today I woke up and spent about 2 1/2 hours cleaning the house, and got everything accomplished that I needed to.

    Now its 10pm.. i pick up the girl at 11.. and im thinking whether or not I should smoke.

    The 2 reasons I wanted to stop for 2-3 days is to lower my tolerance a bit and also to prove to myself that I am not dependent on weed.

    Should I just say fuck it and blaze.. or try and hold off a couple days?
  2. dude fuck it jus get high, save a tolerance break for when you have no weed, its easier to not smoke when u have no weed, you have it already an it temps you, dont do that to urself
  3. Smoke, of course.

    No day is promised, you don't know when you won't wake up. Get high while you can brother.
  4. Damn you guys.. the vote is tied!!! how am i supposed to make a decision now.

    I think im going to wait and pick up a blunt shell on the way home from getting my girl, then smoke up.
  5. I'm gonna say hold off, get high tommorow, even 24 hours without blazing will lower tolerance noticably if your a daily smoker. and by the time tommorow comes, you might feel like holding out for a couple more days.
  6. Urgh....

    It's been 17 hours since I last smoked... 5am this morning right before I went to sleep.
  7. don't try to make yourself not smoke if you have weed, wait until you run out it's a lot easier and it's more logical :D
  8. nah i say you told your self you were going to to something and you should follow through with it. prove it to yourself, youll feal better about yourself once youve done it
  9. i dont care what anyone says smoking pot is addictive to EVERYONE but only to a certain extent. do what i did when i thought i was finally mentally addicted. buy a half o of dank, set a goal for urself not a times goal but a goal you have to work twords. ex. im not going to smoke it untill i save up enough money to pay tuition or not till i got all my college work done. THEN smoke. since ur working for it u enjoy it A LOTTT more
  10. dude smoke whenever if you have weed do it. you dont know whats going to happen later. you dont know if god forbid something bad occurs and theres a bad occurence that makes you unable to in the future...
  11. ice cream is just as addictive
  12. I always have weed... i dont really ever go through a day without having weed available to smoke.

    I went ahead and treated myself to a blunt.. I figured since I got everything done today that I needed to, and didnt smoke until I had finished.. I thought that was enough of a goal.

  13. Blaze It Up!
  14. well I say stop for a few days

    it has to be done because if you dont one day when you do have to stop for alittle bit it will be BAD so what I do is stop at times to prove I can and not be addicted (mental addiction) to weed

    plus I stop for a day each week so I can get stuff I need to do done like clean the house work on my car alittle and just relax and enjoy being sober

    with weed you have to learn to enjoy being sober and enjoy being high a bad thing to do when your sober is be mad that you dont have any weed and feel like shit because of it and you want to blaze THIS is why you must stop at times
  15. ha, that's SUCH a good example! it's actually really deep when you think about it... like, if you have ice cream in your freezer and feel like ice cream it's a LOT easier to give in than to go out and get some (eg, taking breaks when you have weed vs. not).

    i'm personally doing the same thing. i have probably about a gram left, maybe a little more, but i'm not smoking tonight. this will be the first night since i really started smoking hardcore that i won't smoke. it's really hard, mainly because i can't sleep and i'm bored, but i found things to do that won't make me think of smoking:

    o Browsing GrassCity... that won't make me think about weed!
    o Cleaning my bong and bowl... it won't make me think about smoking at all!
    o Watching an entire season of Weeds
    o Thinking about how much I wish I could just fall gently to sleep...

    okay. so maybe my activities list was HORRIBLE, but i think in the morning i'll feel really good that i didn't smoke. broke the habit, right? so i guess ill just have to smoke a bowl to celebrate! BUT NOT TONIGHT!

    i wish there were just some simply, easy, PAINLESS way to show myself that i'm not addicted :(
  16. Damm, that vote is still a tie 11, 11 lol.. thats how torn I was.

    oh well.. im rippin the bong now :D
  17. drugz are bad mmkay.. and if you do drugs your bad..mmmkay

  18. so you said 2-3 days, and you lasted 2-3 hours before you started questioning whether you should smoke or not

    you sir, are a marijuana addict

    as is almost everyone on here no matter how much u wanna deny it haha

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