To smoke or not to smoke? (cigs)

Discussion in 'General' started by DrJellydude, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So I bought my first pack of cigarettes today. I don't know what to think about it, so I'm asking you guys. I want to smoke, but at the same time, I know what it will lead to. I feel like I need to be in an altered state even if slightly at all times just to get through my day. wat do?
  2. No, Dont start. worst mistake ever
  3. Whatever you want, dude.

    It's not like smoking one pack will get you addicted, but I suppose one pack can lead to another...

    Why do you need to feel an altered state? Is that your only reason for trying? It's not like cigarettes do that much, anyways.

    I would advise against ever starting, and sell em or something, but whatever. Just my two cents.
  4. Dont bother dude, just throw them out now. Seriously.
  5. Cigarettes don't lend anything in regards to altered states of consciousness...especially not after the first few packs when you only get buzzed off of your first jack in the morning

    It's a stupid, pointless habit to pick up. Want to alter your conscience during the day? Start meditating.
  6. Do not smoke them cancer sticks.

    I myself have fallen prey to these things.

    It offers nothing, NOTHING.
  7. I've been clean for 6days.
    Maybe a one all together for rolling.
  8. No don't, only morons smoke those cancer sticks, you get nothing from it, and you die from it. Weigh the cons and pros..

    Pros : maybe a nicotine buzz for the first month of smoking them
    Cons : Death

    not worth it
  9. could've used that money for a nickel bag hahah :bongin:
  10. Throw that fucking shit in the garbage right now! Trust me

  11. dont do it trust me!
  12. I think it's obvious that the general consensus is that I should smoke the entire pack right now.
  13. Do what you want, But Im 23 and smoke 30-40 a day and it fucking sucks and is disgusting....wish I hadn't, wish it wasn't so hard to stop.
  14. Most people i've known that smoke, regret it. I smoked cigs for 16 years and glad to this day that I quit.

    If your gonna smoke, stick to cannabis!
  15. I have an occasional one when drinking. Other than that, I have no desire to smoke them.
  16. i havent smoked in 9 days now, and its still a fucking bitch. i'm only 21. i started when i was 14. dont start. seriously, you will be sorry.
  17. i haven't smoked in 4 days now. I picked me up a can of grizzly wintergreen, it's been holding me over. I'd rather ruin my lip then my lungs...I guess. Point is - Don't start. I never thought i'd be a pack a day smoker, but I am/was.

  18. same here. then i moved to my grandma's house, and she smokes inside. i was smoking at least a pack a day, sometimes more. thats when i realized i need to quit.
  19. I really hope this a troll thread.
  20. yeah dont smoke them, i did, and i regret it, it sucks quitting, i didnt think i would get addicted through smoking only one cig a day, then it led to 2 then so on. Luckily i quit, and dont care to start again. i would advise against it, you might end up addicted withought realizing it

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