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to smoke on xmas of not?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. well does anyone and should i do or is it just wrong
  2. If you look there is already a post asking that , go there it will give you the answer

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  3. if i had some i would be high. so thats your answer
  4. Depends 'pun wether or not there are kids there. If there is, then no. I hate it when people are intoxicated in front of kids. It's scary for the little buggers to see their loved ones behaving like blaring idiots.

    If not, get blazed and dig in all the good stuff on the table. Xmas is a good time to have the munchies :)
  5. yeah man ... why not ... have a nice christmas joint and relax ... hey... its christmas ..
  6. man i'd say... if you've been smoking for a while and you still get dumb when you smoke.. maybe you should consider quiting? goddamn, that means you're retarded every day of the year (for everyday smokers). feel sorry for yourself man, just quit.

    if you dont get dumb when you smoke, i'd say toke up. get charming. just dont smile like that stoned moron in the mirror. that dude looks so dumb...
  7. To the children, we look like idiots whenever we have more than 2-3 beers or a J. They are used to the sober us. Not the extremely affectionate, smiling, giggling us. When I smoke, I don't get dumb in my or my friends eyes. I don't trash rooms or get aggressive, I get mellow, munchy and giggly. To a child that behaviour seems out of the normal, and thus they feel uncomfortable.

    Just trying to clarify my previous post.
  8. I sure did, went across the road to my grandparents for tea where I filled up on bbq and assorted cakes/puddings, then came home and settled in with the christmas tv and a few dank buds.
  9. ya Zylark, i got you the first time. its just that some people i know get the giggles, and they just seem dumb that way (at least to me). i got rid of the giggles, and you seem a lot more sober. i'm sure you know what i mean.
  10. I totally agree with the two last posts. And I am a seasoned toker. Getting the giggles tho' is not something you plan for. And when you get 'em, you can't help yourself. Sometimes you get them at the most awkward moments, like getting a stiffie when you were young in school, and getting called up to the blackboard. Um, teach, I think I'll pass this time, k' :)

    My last rofl experience was some 2 weeks ago. We were playing Tony Hawk 3 on my PC, me and my flatmate. I were sitting on a bean bag (or Saccosack as we call it), and I slid sideways out of it, slowly. My mate startet giggling a bit, and before you knew it we were both in tears with hysterical laughter. Ah the fun one can have with so simple means!
  11. "Cruising an old board extremley fast and stoned is one of the most fulfilling activities i know of. Just watch out when you're trying to boneless that 9 stair."

    Virtual on thps3 don't count i guess.

    My fab active activety when stoned tho' is riding snow-(whatyacallit, sitting down on, with a steering wheel)-cart at insane speeds down the tour-path from one of the local city-mountains. I kid you not, where I live, we're sourrounded by 7 mountains, one of which with some superb tour gravel paths. Great in the winter. There's even a funicular taking us to the top so we need not walk.
  12. i used to play quake3arena while stoned. it's a pretty nice experience, but i dont have to explain. i just need to say when you ask a player whether they smoke, chances are they'll say they're stoned already.

    i bought a new snowboard, so after break is over i'll be heading to the mountains with my pipe. life gooood.

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