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To Smoke It Or Throw It?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Max Dose, May 21, 2013.

  1. So I've been smoking quite a bit of oil in my new glass dome rig, and a bit of resin is starting to build up in both my bong and the rig. First of all, since it's resin from oil do i need to use salt or will it come off with just a bit of alcohol ? Should I save the iso and evaporate it to try and make hash? If I use salt I can't save it, but I don't know if saving it will even be worth it. Any input would be helpful! Thanks  :smoking:

  2. if you heat it and scrap it you can smoke it.
  3. Yeah it would just be easier to scrape it like the guy above me said. But if you're set on ISO don't use salt.
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. Since the source of the resin has a very high THC content, the resin will have a somewhat-high THC content. I'd evaporate it if I were you, but I'm overly obsessive about not wasting THC haha. You could always scrape it, but if the shape of your piece disables you from doing so, toss some iso into it and evaporate it!
  6. iso wash it with no salt and evaporate. you can just smoke the resin/oil you get after it evaporates.
  7. Break it and scrape the resin is your best bet
  8. BREAK IT!??!
  9. Yea don't break it. Make some iso hash if you want. Well it would be iso hash resin but still. lol
  10. I fail to see the value in breaking my $70 rig and $130 bong bro
  11. I did that once when I was like 16 and desperate to smoke. It was only like a $25 bubbler that I got almost a year prior, my dad confiscated it and I found it like 6 months later in his closet, caked in resin (my parents used to smoke a lot of weed haha). Anyway, one day, I was decided that, since the piece was out of my life for 6 months and I didn't really want it that much, I'd just break it open and scrape the resin. Got quite a bit of res, so it was kind of worth it haha. Although, the pieces of broken glass in my bowl packs kind of scared me. 
  12. for some shitty ass res too.

    This Notadrugdealer is turning into a troll...
  13. Oh god thats terrible bro hahhaha

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