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To seaoned tokers: How realistic to get caught?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by doctordre, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I'm in college (age 20) and have been "tokin" for a couple years now. I'm trying to get into law school and get into the bar. If you have a criminal record, it hurts your chances for both getting into a law school and especially getting admitted to the state bar association. So I want to ask you:

    How realistic is it really to get caught and booked by the cops? By the way, fuck the <EDITED BY THE PATRIOT ACT>.

    I'm kind of paranoid, and not because of the stuff. I have been paranoid for as long as I can remember.

    I'm careful. I don't drive with it. I don't drive after I've taken it. I don't carry more than a few grams in my pocket when I'm outside.

    Second question is: How realistic is it to really get caught growing? In my cheap studio apartment right next to my campus.

    Third question is: How realistic is it to get caught selling or giving for free?

    If someone can answer something like, "For every X amount of smokers, only about X get caught." And, "For every X amount of growers, only X get caught." I really want to know my odds.

    (Oh, and please don't be all condescending and say, "Well you shouldn't do it." I came to this place to avoid people saying that and to get honest answers from good people.)
  2. You SHOULDN'T grow in a rental unit. It's just way too risky. You also shouldn't sell or otherwise distribute if you want to minimize your risk.

    You plan on being an attorney. A criminal record will ruin those hopes.

    It's not very likely you'll get caught as a casual user if you're careful with it. There ARE no statistics about 'out of x smokers y number get caught' and anyone who tells you such statistics is just bullshitting you.
  3. Usually dealers get busted by their customers getting busted, because 9/10 most people snitch to save themselves. So it is realistic and its just a roll of the dice. You may think you are in the fastlane and then some stupid girl gets caught with your bud at school, snitches on you and next thing you have cops staking your place out for weeks.

    And for growing in rental space, or anything NOT under your full ownership:
    I don't think many people understand that marijuana flowers, and bangs. Cool you have 12 little clones in your closet, eventually all that will alert anyone w/ senses. So only grow when you can truly give a fuck less because you are safe from opposing forces. :smoke:
  4. Thanks for the answers, guys.

    I've decided not to sell or grow. That's just far too risky. Maybe if I get a medical marijuana card in the future I can grow and smoke without constantly looking over my shoulder.

    I'm definitely not to sell. I just realized the major risks there. Some kid I go to school with buys some from me, gets caught with it by the cops, rats me out to the cops because he too has plans for the future (that's why he's going to college), and then the cops set up a sting or get a search warrant...and bam, I'm behind bars.

    When I was 15, I got smoking cigarettes by my parents. The reason I got caught is because I got fat. I got lazy taking my precautions...I didn't wash my hair, didn't chew gum afterward. When you get greedy or lazy, you get caught. So I think I get it now; thanks guys.
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    If you're smart, your chances are slim to none. And on the topic of x out of every x, in 2009, about 760,000 people were arrested for possession. and about another 100,000 for other MJ-related charges. No way to tell for sure, but based on surveys, I bet about 50-75 million people used cannabis at least once in 2009. So you can see where you stand.

    Just try not to have it on you in public more than necessary and when you do make a pick up have the most air tight container possible to transport it in so there is no residual smell if you're pulled over. You should be okay growing a micro op or really stealthy small grow in an apartment. Just hide it well, like in a closed container. I would not suggest a full closet grow in an apartment unless you're sure you can control the smell.

    I've never dealt MJ, but I would probably not have a typical "people coming and going" op going on if you're overly concerned about safety. You can deliver to people you know and trust but the more you're on the road the better chance you stand of getting pulled over (in which case you're still fine if you conceal it properly). Really, the best place to deal in college is parties. Just because you can probably move an ounce in 10-15 minutes at a good party and if the cops do show up just drop the stash and beat it like the rest and you're fine.
  6. Thanks, Frosty. You calmed me down a bit. I'm smart. I'm paranoid, so that helps too. The media makes us think that anyone who does any "drugs" gets thrown in jail immediately. A scare tactic that has worked for people like me who were born around the Reagan "Just Say No" generation. I've just been freaking out lately because I learned if I go to jail even for a little bit, I have no chance at becoming a lawyer, let alone getting hired to a firm.

    In regard to what you said about dealing, that really is a good idea. Not that I'm going to do it. (Leave this site, DEA staffers and LAPD detectives, you won't be going anywhere with this case.) But it's a good idea because when I go to parties, I see these guys dropping off weed by the ounce. It usually all disappears by the no evidence there unless the cops come in the night of. Definitely much better than dealing to individual stoners like me who savor it and leave a lot of opportunity time-wise to be caught. Plus, you're right. Cops come in, drop the bag in the kitchen or something...not like they're gonna invest in DNA or fingerprinting for fucking weed. (Plus, fingerprints wouldn't really prove anything and it would be thrown out of court with good counsel--what if the guy just went into the drawer to grab a fork and accidentally touched it?) I'm sure smart dealers can hit up like five parties a night. ~$300/oz (don't really know bc I buy dimes only) * 5 per night = $1,500. $1,500 * 15 party nights/month = $22,500/month. If you grow yourself, then maybe only 15% overhead. Not bad for a hustler; makes more than the average lawyer. Every time I think about something like this, I remember that this kind of greed and temptation is what lands people behind bars eventually. I'm not cut out for that shit.
  7. it really depends. I havent been cought in my 3 years of smoking, while my friends have all been count. Its just about how smart you are, and luck. Im pretty stupid about where i blaze and havent been cought. just a matter of luck and whose around to call/alert the cops. I wouldnt grow in a rental unit, too suspicious and if your forced to leave before you want to, gotta do something about those plants. If your very concerned with getting into law school, i wouldnt start selling or giving shit away for free. Even giving things away for free is considered dealing in the eyes of the police.
  8. "if your forced to leave before you want to, gotta do something about those plants"

    Well, if I have 24 hours, I know EXACTLY how to get rid of it and quickly. :smoke:

    About the growing, what if I came up with some Shawshank Redemption sort of growing operation? Like something behind the drywall in a closet. Is that an original idea? Or has someone already thought of that?
  9. i would never try to do any big sized grow in an apt, not even something big enough to fill a whole closet. but you could still pull off a micro grow, with just a couple of plants, in a pc case or cabinet. in something that small, the only thing thats really gonna tip your landlord off about it is the smell. with just a few plants, the smell wont be overly potent, but will still be present. this can be dealt with utilizing various odor eliminating tactics as well as finding a strain with low odor.

    i recommend before considering growing to carefully survey your living situation and determine if certain situations could occur that would cause you to get busted. do you have a nosey landlord or neighbors? would the landlord or maintenance staff be likely to enter your apt on very short notice or when you arent there? would any odor be likely to be noticed from outside your apt such as in the hall?

    its certainly a risky business, but it can be done if the circumstances are right. i wouldnt try to force it if they aren't though.
  10. I wouldn't grow if it's an apartment. And don't sell any either, just because word gets around man. Even if you only tell a few close people, one day they'll get a call asking if they know where any tree was, then "yeah (insert your name here) has some, he grows." That's just a bust waiting to happen, and if you wanna get into the law that's something to stay away from for sure.

    But as for just getting caught with it, just be careful man. There's no foolproof way to not get caught, one small slip up could fuck you. You sound really good about not getting caught though, with the paranoia (not weed-induced :p) and not driving with it and all that.

    Good luck with whatever you do pot-wise, and good luck on getting a good job with the law. ;)
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    If it is a rented apartment I'm pretty sure you shouldn't tear out a hole in the wall imo. It would also be hard to do a grow in a wall I'd imagine.. Seems like a good chance at mold.. I'd read some of the indoor growing forum or the beginner's forum before attempting any of this. I don't know if you really understand how much this costs to get started and how many things you have to be prepared for.

    As for selling, that is the fastest way to get caught with a grow. The best thing to do is grow for your own supply and you should be fine. Something like a stealth dresser or pc grow. The other way to get caught would be telling people.. Never let anyone know you have a grow. It changes people. Also you have to think about smell which you will need a carbon scrubber for.

    You should really think of it this way I imagine.. Sell a few ounces to get a couple hundreds or be smart, go to school, and make big bucks as a lawyer. The first time you start thinking man this is easy, that is when you will relax and get caught ruining your chances at ever being a lawyer or pretty much any job where drugs are a no, no. Growing is a felony (location depending) and if you don't have your own place it can be one of the most risky things you will try. Goodluck though man. I'll take a toke for ya.

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