To Scrub or not to Scrub ??

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SupaAPE, Feb 11, 2014.

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    So i've just read up on the "scrubbing" method, which is essentially running a carbon filter/fan in an enclosed area and having the exhaust air re-circulated into the same space.
    How effective is this for odor control compared to exhausting the air out a window? I'm going to be growing in one of my bathrooms and the most important thing here is ofcourse smell. I'll be making my own C02 emitter so i'm good on that front.

  2. I don't scrub but for several reasons.
    Cannabis is legal here.
    I have a legal medical grow.
    I just don't care if I reek like Ganja.
    I live out of town.
    If you want stay low key scrubbing is a wise thing to do.
    Whats the situation?
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    I live in an's kind of like a penthouse i'm on the top floor with no neighbors, but i do have neighbors downstairs. The bathroom I wanna use is on the farthest end of the apartment, a good distance away from my main front door. That bathroom has a window that is facing the sea, there is a good breeze coming that way. I could exhaust air out the window. 
    The bathroom is fully tilled (which is good I think? can't imagine smells seeping through that). might have to place some washclothes underneath the bathroom door to stop that small tiny airflow. Other then that i just want to minimize smell as much as possible for my peace of mind.
    carbon filter i purchased ---
  4. Looks like you have it covered. bathrooms work great. water, drains for flushing, a fart fan for air flow.   Lots of good things to be said of a bathroom.
    Plumb in a water filter under the sink and get set up to grow hydroponic.
  5. Hydro is the plan snooooop
    Guessing by fart fan you're referring to the carbon filter? :hello:  
    Thnx much man
  6. If you can/do keep the apartment fairly well smoked out constantly then the smell could be ignored. If you've ever thought "shit it smells too much like weed in here" then I'd invest in the filter. Exhaust ducting is routed into the house for me, not out doors. Not worried about heat signature but the "free" heat is usually beneficial.
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    I just set up a cheapo hydro kit, the kind you get off E-bay for $40. damn its fucking sweet. Im upgrading but I have a very happy clone and some seedlings coming on and love it. Soil is for outside from now on.
  8. I have vented out the window, but now have my fan on top of my filter outside my tent with zero problems and no odor. As long as you have a window cracked for fresh air coming in, then all is well. If you vent out a window, keep in mind whether it will create steam when cold and will it be seen. A good fan and filter will keep your odor's at bay.
    what do you guys think about a grow tent setup in a bathroom with soil? Humidity levels too high? Daily use by 1 person. 
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    Remeber smell heat rises, you should be alright although i'd still scrub, sounds like you really want to be making use of that fresh air, have the air exuasted out and intaking in through the window.
    Good kit man! that exaust fans really good and the cover around it's to reduce the noise, as for the filter looks good, about to get a smiliar kit.
  11. Humidity levels are high = potential for mold, also having electrical appliances in the bathroom isn't a great idea, plugs, lights probably wouldn't work to well

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