to SCROG or not to SCROG

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrGreenThumb69, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I'm about to set up my first grow room in a closet. The setup is:

    - 3.7 x 2.3 ft growing space, 6 ft high with adequate ventilation.
    - 400W HPS
    - Quality inline 4" RVK fan
    - BioCanna soil & nutes.
    - AK48 feminized (Nirvana)

    If given the chance would you attempt a SCROG or just grow 4-5 feminized plants normally?
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    Scrog for sure.
  3. Ive grown with scrogg and with out scrogg. I`ve had much better results using LST through out the whole growing cycle then a scrog net. The scrog net can really suck balls when you have different strains growing. If one finishes up before the others, the scrog makes it almost impossible to select harvest. Keep that in mind! The cycle im in now i only use LST , but i do a TON of tieing. Ill probably pull 5-6 oz per plant. my scrog i pulled around 2.5.
  4. AK48 is the only strain I have so that's ok.

    What about flushing, isn't that a complete pain with a SCROG?
  5. scrogg alll dayyy ha its bit more of a hassel but outcome = more bud..and watering is cool jus make ssure to leave enough to get under the plant..and will definattly be looking out for ur thread i was thinking of ordering some of those seeds..
  6. It can be if you don't plan for it prior to your grow.

    One suggestion would be to mount your scrog on a movable platform with casters so you can move it around.
  7. Scrog!!!! Good luck man sounds exciting

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