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To quit or not to quit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoke da weed, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. In about three weeks or so I'm going to go out on the job hunt. In my area there are a lot of highschool kids that I will be competing with to get a job, so that means less areas will be hiring.

    My main question is: Should I quit smoking so I have more options of where to apply which could include places that drug test and places that don't?

    Or are fastfood places always hiring, so I could easily find a job that doesn't test?

    Ofcourse I would much rather keep smoking and not have to quit before job hunting, but if need be to broaden my choices I could quit for a few weeks.

    Ideas? Thanks.
  2. The decision is ALL yours. You can always toke, but jobs are scarce.:smoking:
  3. Smoke da weed.
  4. You will invariably find a fast food place where the person hiring you is high.

    You will invariably find jobs that are such low paying crap, they would not be tolerable without marijuana.

    At least in my experience....

    edit: oh yeah, living in los angeles does help with that.
  5. I quit May 23rd for my job hunt. My tolerance was too damn high also. Good Luck
  6. There are plenty of places around here, but the problem is not knowing which drug test and which don't. I know most restaurants and fast-food places don't, fuck it, my name is smoke da weed for a reason. :bongin:
  7. Theres ways to pass tests anyways. I mainly quit to save money, and lower my tolerance. If I dont get a job soon, Im just gonna smoke and keep looking.
  8. Also, if you apply at one that tests and they test you positive, first of all that doesn't convict you of marijuana use, so you won't be arrested or anything.
    Second, at most shitty jobs where there is no official policy on the matter, they will still hire people who test positive.
    I know some jobs here will test you for marijuana, but its not an automatic refusal if you show positive, its up to the discretion of the hiring manager or whatever.

    So, I guess what i'm saying is its worth a shot! Send out resumes!

    edit: also, when all else fails, synthetic piss:

    Available at Big 5 and Sports Chalet (...weird)

  9. Thanks for the knowledge man.

    So you're saying testing positive wouldn't show up on any company records? As in other companies find out or something? Also, no way would it effect me negatively you say?
  10. Good luck on your search man.

  11. It depends on your state laws, and possibly contracts you sign with the drug testing lab, so I don't know for sure how the privacy of that info is handled.

    I do know a positive on a DT is not grounds for any type of criminal conviction.

    I doubt though, that the lab would share info about you with other companies. They make money every time a company needs to test an employee, so they wouldnt say "oh we tested him already, hes positive", they'd want to test him again and make more profit.

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