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to quit or not to quit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Blahblah21, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Hello guys, I am new to this site. I am posting on here because lately I started to realise that I don't love weed as much as I'd like to. I am sharing this with you to maybe get some fresh view on the case, maybe some ideas. Please try to understand what I mean. 
    I am a 21 yo girl, I first tried pot when I was 16 but I've been smoking regularly (several times a week) since a year. It all started with my best friend, we were having a great time together but after a while I started to realise it wasn't as good for me as for her. I started getting anxious, I was sure that people are making fun of me sometimes (when they didn't). Still I kept on smoking, I was thinking that maybe it will pass. It didn't, it gets me so shy, lately I was out high with my other friend and I couldn't stand all the people around so we had to get back home. I never was like that before. I wouldn't mind just smoking it inside of course, but another problem is - I just don't feel good high. I love the idea of weed in general, rolling it up, smoking and everything but then I'm just like 'this is nothing special after all', I feel a bit overwhelmed with my thoughts and I usually feel quite insecure. Many times I caught myself thinking that I can't wait to be sober again. I've read that feeling bad while stoned might be caused by low self esteem or any unsolved issues in our minds. I guess that's the reason I am still smoking - I don't blame the bad highs on weed, I blame them on me. Anyway, I have had periods during this year I haven't been smoking for some weeks and those were great times. Smoking gets me down as I look at this from wider perspective. The question is, what to do now? Do you think that weed is just not for me? If not, what may be the reasons? 
    Much love and thank you for any advice :)

  2. I kind of went crazy as a teen when I was smoking real heavy.  Similar thoughts to yours, thought everyone was making fun of me or was against me, would just get lost in my own thoughts about these things and have strong feelings of paranoia and insecurity.   I quit for a few years, and when I started back up I loved it.  You are still young, you should quit, for a while at least, and get your life together.  After a few years try smoking again and you might actually enjoy it again.
    Or try smoking just enough to get a buzz but not really high.  But weed isn't for everyone and right now it is not helping anything for you so yea you need to quit.
  3. Weed makes you overthink.
    Based on that I'm going to say you probably have other problems unrelated to weed, but weed brings em out. Just like social anxiety you say.

    I'd recommend you quitting for a while, get your shit in order. Feel better about your self, work shit out.
    Then when you are comfortable overall try it again.

    Or just keep smoking and solve em while at it.

    When I was a kid some unsecure thoughts would race my mind. I just learned to tame the high.

    I use to make life a better experience and more enjoyable. Just what you and everybody should do :)
  4. If you don't enjoy doing a "recreational" activity then just simply don't do it. Be true to yourself don't drink the Kool-Aid.
  5. Grow the fuck up and smoke, dammit. lol j/k I'm so high right now.
  6. U should quit and send all of your leftover bud and any pipes to me.. Ill get rid of it for u..I'd be happy to help..
  7. Many have experienced similar feelings,
    however, when it comes to the herb, quitting just is not part of the vocabulary

    Take an 'indefinite break'
  8. Everything is not for everyone. Don't feel weird if you don't enjoy weed as much as people you know. Take a break and see how it goes.
  9. I agree with the first two people, I had social anxiety when I smoked too, but when I took about a months t-break to resolve all my shit, I smoked and it was great.

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  10. That and maybe weed just isn't your thing, I know people who used to smoke and it caused them the same problems and they just enjoy life without it
    Oh shit....tame the high  Thats fucking exactly man!  Its all in your head, change focus and thought.
  12. If you don't like it don't do it, maybe smoke something else. A Chinese tradition is smoking tea, not grocery store tea bags but real ground up tea leaves. Look into it you can still roll or pack a bowl but won't get as high maybe just a buzz. But the main part of a high is your mindset going into it, like the others said get your shit figured out. Meditating made me a much happier person and made my weed experiences very fun. But meditation takes a lot of commitment and some people don't appreciate it. So find something that makes you happy :) good luck

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