To prune or not to prune?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Trying some different techniques this year. Normally I let the plants grow pretty freely and dont really pull branches back / tie them back and prune fan leaves.

    But this year I wanted to try some new techniques. Have a look at my plant and let me know what you think. Should I prune the fan leaves or should I leave them? They seem really healthy for the most part. Opinions on it?
    ** first 2 pictures are of my Canuk Blueberry and the last picture is of one of my Peakseed northernberrys


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  2. They look great, I'd leave them be. They know what they are doing :)
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  3. Great plants. leave them alone, except for nipping the inner growth stems that won't produce much anyways.
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  4. I’ve been removing the large fan leaves from the base of nodes on the main stem and found that those nodes will have a growth spurt 2-3 days after some times next day, all the small leaves on those nodes end up growing to fill the space very quickly.. and like randy said i also get rid of the first sub node closest to the stem just because the bud sights there haven’t had much luck for megrown

    My Second Grow
    My Second Grow
  5. Take that black cord in the back of the 1st pic and pull down the plant almost like lst and pull the fan leaves blocking shoots plant will produce more in the end

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