To pinch or not to pinch ? Visual diffrence

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  1. First of all... hello be blessed and welcome.
    Second I only have these examples available because it's the byproduct of another experiment I am doing.. trying to grow some bag seed weed . Will it create hermaphrodites or can we actually flower with any degree of success.
    So one fraction I have not touched I'm letting it grow how it wants the other section I am pinching the heck out of and stressing to the maximal level.
    I will find out if stress effects or not vise versa. In the midst of this I have 2 groups of plants from the same seeds same bag basicly same pot size and same feeding . But one have been pinched and one not.
    It's obvious why pinching is absolutely necessary to increase yield but here is a good example you can see 20190724_085805.jpg
    One thing to realize is the tall plants will never support any " weight" with this structure. You can not have plants look like this with any degree of success. You must pinch and cage. 20190724_085725.jpg
    Big plants small pot= pain in ass.
    20190724_090528.jpg for those who aspire to be big swingin D's. If you kept indoor under 18hrs a plant and pinched it all winter in a 5 gallon bucket and you brought it outside in may and you can make her look like any of these above pictured. You could in may transplant that In a 500 gallon pot outside and steak n cage her. You would have the biggest fuxin plant it would outgrow in one season trees that have been in your yard for years.. 20+ foot tall is a real thing. 20190724_090214.jpg
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