To people who drive too fast,

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  1. There are people who drive fast, and then there are people who drive TOO fast.

    I mean, where's the fire, mister?

    I'm not talking about highways or freeways, I'm talking about small back alleys... two lane country roads...

    Some people carry the speed from the main roads into the back roads, and they screw up everything.

    While everyone is either going 20 miles per hour or walking, these guys are doing 60's!

    I mean, what the fuck? Where's the manner?

    These pests from the city... they have no idea what pace the rural people move at.

    The people in the country side move very slow... mostly because their cars are old and the roads are bumpy.

    I don't know... I think people should slow down a bit.
  2. Cause back roads are the perfect place to open up your car, twists and turns through mountains and straight straight straight roads in the back country.

    I'd rather go 40 on a gravel road then 80 on a highway though

    But we're used to always being in a hurry, the rural life is a little more laid back. Although I don't really understand the need to go 60 in a 20
  3. Yeah I can see how that would be very annoying! It is dangerous too, to go really fast on roads like can be over in the blink of an eye
    But trust me, it's also annoying when people with Alabama license plates come to Southern California and drive 45 on the freeway :p
  4. LOL, you obviously don't know anything about the country. I live and grew up in a small town(15 min drive outside of a city though) and it's more of a young male thing who drive fast. Has nothing to do where you live or grew up.
  5. I think there's a big difference between driving fast and driving dangerously. It really annoys me when people get pissed off at other drivers just because they're doing something they don't approve of even though it's not affecting them in any way. I can understand people getting pissed when they're cut off or somebody pulls out in front of them or brakes for no apparent reason or something but there's absolutely no reason to be upset just because someone is going faster than you think they should. I have a tendency to drive fast, especially when I'm on my bike, but I keep clear of other drivers as much as possible and do my best not to inconvenience anyone. The important thing is to stay with your limits and your vehicle's limits and if you're doing that I don't think anyone has a right to be upset with you. Granted a lot of people that drive fast are not staying within the appropriate limits though.

    Here's my bike if anyone's interested:
    I doubt if anyone cares but I'm proud of it and like to show it off. Plus, this picture is fucking legit if I do say so myself. lol :D
  6. I don't trust anyone's driving skills so I freak out anytime someone drives fast around me, or if I'm in my friends car and they drive fast as fuck I either scream slow the fuck down or I close my eyes and hope that I'm knocked out for the remainder of the next 6 months I'm going to spend trying to walk again.

    actually now that I think of it I only do that when i'm in my friends car, now i think I just don't trust any of my friends driving abilities. which makes sense.

  7. wtf you need to eat some benzos when your in a car
  8. yeah cars and me don't mix man. cars and heights actually, I guess I just don't like approaching things (floor, other fast moving tons of metal) at a high velocity.
  9. i agree with people who drive too fast on highways/main roads

    but i LOVE going like 40-60 on a backroad, it is fun as hell, i don't do it with other people around though
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    Yeah usually when I drive fast it's when there is no other cars around or not many.

    I think most guys need to get that out of them at least every once and awhile:devious:

  11. I hate people that rush to red lights. If the light as red and you're a good few hundred feet away, why the fuck are you accelerating, wasting gas, just to get to a fucking red light? Then they get pissed at you for just cruising towards the red light, and when you both end up at the same point I just feel like yelling at them for being so fucking stupid.

  12. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I agree that it needlessly wastes gas and puts wear and tear on your transmission and brakes but it's not hurting anyone else so it's whatever. If they wanna do that it's their business.

  13. Is it not annoying when people with CA plates go to AL and do that?
  14. I can't stand slow drivers, or more accurately, indecisive drivers. That person who takes forver to merge instead of just doing it quickly and with clear intent. That person who won't turn right at a red light when it's legal to do so. The unaware driver who only puts on their left turn signal after a massive line has built up behind them at a red light. And maybe my biggest grudge, the pepole who go slow as fuck in the fast lane. It should be harder to get a drivers license in this country.

  15. Now those things I think are legitimate reasons to be annoyed. Except maybe the no signal thing because you're going to have to wait there for the same amount of time regardless of whether or not they have their signal on and if they're stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason with on-coming traffic the context clues will tell you what they're doing anyway.
  16. Some guy drove through my parking lot last night around midnight doing about 60. Watch out for the excessive speeders!
  17. Speed doesn't kill. It's never killed a soul, it's suddenly becoming stationary that kills people. And it's not a matter of driving to fast, it's a matter of not being able to drive quickly. It needs to be doubly as hard to get a driver's license in this country, and 4 times as easy to loose it.
  18. what's your deal? it's not affecting you in any way.

    you've got some problems dude.
  19. G-forces bro.
  20. In case you missed it, "it's suddenly becoming stationary that kills people."

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