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Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. What prices do you guys pay for your greens? i just got back from the USA i have been over there for 3 months and now i feel like im paying to much, i am payed £80 for a half of nice cronic he claimed it was WW but i dont belive it is and if it is its not a good crop.

  2. where i am it sells for £120-£180 an oz..........Peace out......Sid
  3. the average price for an 1/8 is 25 pounds. i get it for 20

    i have such good contacts that a half of top quality skunk costs me 60.
  4. TOO FUCKING MUCH- 20 per 1/8
  5. Where were you at in the States Mickey t. ?????

    Not any where close to the South???

    We could have burnt one or two, or three, or....well you know!!
  6. 80 for a half O is spot on what to expect from any reputable dealer.

    you should be able to get for 70 though.
  7. The Prices here r usually the following:
    1/8 - £20
    1/4 - £35
    1/2 - £60
    OZ - £120

    The Bud here can b from £100 to £150 for a Ounce, dependin on qualtiy and avaliablity at the time.
  8. I have been thinking hmmmm when hasn't anyone PM me maybe it had somthing to do with the 300pm i had in my messege box LMAO. Its sorted now so send your pms guys love to hear from you all :)

    Peace out friends

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