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  1. I purchased a PAX3 in 2019. It was working well when I put it into its original package and slipped it into a closet almost exactly one year ago. I stopped consuming cannabis. Mainly the reason was because the weed here is just terrible. Well, my wife came up with some lovely flower and of course I had to try it. I liked it a lot, so then I pulled out the PAX3 and tried it out. It worked just great for two days and then it died. I'm unsure if it is the PAX3 or the charger; maybe both. I contacted PAX Labs about the issue. They said that they would ship me a PAX3; however, they cancelled the order. the next day. I contacted them again and they said they would create another order. Sure. The next day they cancelled the order once more. I contacted them again. This time I was told they would send out a new PAX3 but without a charger. Well, it could be the charger, I told them. They said if I wanted a charger I could purchase one from them. That's really funny. Just to see what others said about them I checked out the Better Business Bureau in San Francisco, CA. Their reviews averaged around 1.16 out of 5. That put the icing on the cake for me.
  2. So they're sending you a new pax because you stored it for at least a year without charging it once, damaging the battery life.

    Normal battery degradation is not covered under the warranty nor are any accessories (which includes the charger)..
  3. I gave them the complete story. They were the ones offering to send me a new device. Had they said no, I would not have had an issue. Not one word was said by them about battery degradation. I understand your point, however, in this case it is moot. Thanks for the input.
  4. check out the line of Fury vapes , Fury edge, Fury 2 , Rouge etc.... the fury vapes have a bit more convection than the pax types of conduction only vapes so they taste better over all and have clean air path pathways etc ... check out the safety data for the Fury vapes at the healthyrips website. the ease of use and the clean aspect are why I use them and recommend them to others
    Edit - warranty too for the Fury vapes is spot on ... no issues if the vape fails or whatever .
  5. Thanks very much. I appreciate the info. I'm looking at them now.
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  6. be sure and get a water pipe attachment for whichever vape you choose . that allows you to vape through water and condition the vapor. many people end up getting one later on after the fact and more shipping etc... I use the Edge vape and have Fury 2 glass attachments that fit it . whatever glass piece I use now I tend to run the vapor through it dry with no water, just the cooling of the glass is enough . there are glass J hooks too that you can get just for that purpose
  7. Thanks for the tip on vaping through water. I received a text from PAX this morning. It wasn't helpful. This is the last day I'm wasting with them. :)
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  8. Interesting development this morning. I received a message from PAX support today providing me with a tracking number. They didn't say what they shipped; however, I suspect it's the PAX3 unit and nothing more. That's okay, I ordered a charger from another source. They would relieve a lot of frustration by being truthful and working with their customers instead of BSing them. I'll let you know if/when I receive something.
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  9. Probably not I think there's better options for the money

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