To party or not too party

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  1. My friends parents are leaving and he has a big house how should I get a mass amount of people to this party
  2. Bigger the party more likely cops Will come
  3. Keep it to 10-15 close friends, and make sure they don't bring anyone. Or you will get busted. Especially if your underage for drinking.
  4. Ignore these fools. 10-15 people is not a party. It's a sad get together. Round up no less than 30 people.

    If the cops come, that just means you showed everyone a great time.
  5. I agree with you badfish you can have social gatherings often but when do you get the chance to throw a huge party
  6. one night i managed to get like 50+ people to my house just from inviting the right people. they brought friends, who brought friends and so on. but i'm just lucky it didn't get too out of control lol
  7. Get as many people as you can to come, make a status on facebook and then share it with all your friends on there and tell them to reshare it with their friends. Who gives a sh!t if something breaks or the cops show up, its not your house, you can just dip like everyone else :cool:
  8. Project X this shit. Post on facebook, text everybody and tell them to text everybody. Post it everywhere.
  9. Depends. Are you willing to risk the party getting way to out of control and the cops showing up? High risk vs. reward situation. I would try to keep it to 50 people or less depending on the size of the house. Also, be prepared for a large clean-up in the morning. I'm talking cleaning puke and spilled beer out of carpets, getting all the trash bagged up, the whole works.

    This could either turn out really good or it could completely backfire.
  10. facebook
    local radio station
    project x up in this mothafcukaaa
  11. [ame=]Gucci Mane - Wasted ft. Plies - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Tell your friend to man up and throw a decent sized party. Just get all your friends to bug the shit out of him and he will agree to throw a party. No less than 50 people and no more than 80. It is your friends moral obligation to throw a good party for his buddies, plus he stands a good chance of getting with a girl since it will be his house.
  13. get a keg dude. shit will be poppin

    all you have to tell people is "kegger" at so & so's house. people will come.
  14. If the cops come everyone run out the front door in a mass panic
  15. can I come
    I'll upgrade your RAM
  16. Not unless you're prepared for people to inadvertently fuck up your shit.
  17. I don't know what parties you guys go to, or who you are having over to your house, but I used to have parties in highschool easily 50 people and sometimes over 100. Aside from the one time someone drove through my fence and crashed into my car, not once did anything happen to my house that wasn't easily fixable. You're all acting like his friends house is gonna get trashed, but as long as he kicks out who he needs to, it wont.
  18. It's all fun and games until the black kids from the hood hear about it...
  19. It's the white kids you need to watch out for, black people know how to handle their shit

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