to my every day smokers, do you still have dreams?

Discussion in 'General' started by doindia, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. just like the title says, ive been a regular to heavy user for about two years. maybe... 3-4 blunts a day. ive noticed that i dont dream anymore, when i first started smoking i would have the craziest dreams, but now its nothing. im REALLY good at remembering my dreams, so im almost positive im not forgetting them, as i have been waking up beside a pen and pad trying to write something down so i dont forget, but as i grad the pad, i realize the only thing i have knowledge of is waking up and the few seconds there after

    i dont dream anymore, wtf? tell me im not the only one.
  2. lol ya, you have to take more drugs to see and remember em, im the same way
  3. I very rarely have dreams that I remember, maybe once or twice a year. People always tell me I talk in my sleep, so I assume that I am dreaming but just not remembering them. It was like this before I started smoking and has continued afterwards. Dreams are fun, I wish I could remember them more often. :(
  4. i dream, i just have a harder time remembering them.

    There not as vivid as when i didn't smoke tho. definitely not as vivid.
  5. I havent had or remembered a dream in about 3 months.

    ... usually the only time i'll have dreams is if i smoke regs, because i usually never smoke anything lower than some nice 90 a 1/4 KB.
  6. my dream recollection has definitely gone down.

    if you're really curious, set an alarm for 3 or 4 or something like that depending on your sleep cycle, and immediately write anything you can think of down w/ the pen and paper.

    there's a better chance of recalling what your dream was if it's done via that way, as opposed to waking up naturally.

    when I was in high school, we had to do dream analysis and record our dreams and interpret them for a college prep psychology class. that's generally what we did, and it works fairly well.

    just get as many keywords down as you can, as fast as you can, and it'll come back to you.
  7. After just waking up from passing out high i recall two different dreams. Some buddies packed into a car, dont remember doing what. The other dream was I would keep taking of my pants and leaving them places, but I wouldn't remember where. Then they'd be on and I'd be like 'sweet, i found my pants', then I would look away and they'd be gone so I'd go back looking for them.
  8. well nomatter what you always have dreams every single night no matter what you take unless your dead. your brain is still working and thinking durring sleep hence you dream. i usually smoke 5-6 or more times a day and always right b4 bed so i dont remember much of my dreams either cus i think what happens is the same as when your awakw the thc affects short term memory and you dont have time to store away your dreams b4 you wake up so they get erased. somthin like that maby. sounds logical anyhow.
  9. Yea I dont any remembering of dreams when im stoned, but when its dry and dont smoke i usually can remember my dreams...although even with that for most part when you sleep b4 I even started smoking i would have trouble putting the peices together the next morning...Dreams in general are just to hard remember.
  10. I really don't think it's the weed and short term memory. A lot of it has to do with relevance and emotion. If you're brain's storage centers take in the information and have something a previous enounter with something similar it will file it into that memory bank. I'm sure we all can remember one nightmare we've had. That could be because of the emotional effect it's had. This is what I've learned from psychology at least. I could go into sleep cycles and brain waves but it's all pretty basic. You do dream ever night though, as said by JWS. One theory is we have around 60-100 thousand separate thoughts a day, down from un-sub-councious, and when we sleep our mind cycles through those thoughts, estimates it's problem solving value and stores it. That we be what we remember. Of course there's other theory's such as dreams are all our subconscious wants and have symbolism and iconic meaning. (sigman froid)
  11. Well... I haven't been able to remember my dreams very well ever since my second concussion which was about 6 years ago...

    But when I first started smoking I was really into dreams and I could really vivid dreams for a very short time but now I'm back to not having any idea what I dream of. But once in a while I will get a pretty fuckin sweet dream that I remember

  12. man i got dreams. my dreams are like my second life very detailed very realistic and sometimes right out trippy...sometimes im in a real world sometimes im in some kind of adventure where the world is all magical or cartoonish and shit...i fuckin love my dreams.
  13. i hate how this happens
  14. I've have MUCH more vivid dreams since i started smoking
  15. I dont have problems dreaming at all. Then again I've been practicing Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming for several years now.

    Like someone suggested earlier..set your alarm for 3 or 4..your mind is more receptive during this time. And if your doing drugs, even smoking before you go to sleep, your dream control will drop way down, specially with alchohol. If you want to remember your dreams, your going to have to go to sleep on your own, not passing out.
  16. i dream, but not as much as i use to. It kinda sucks. i think ill quit or like a month then start smoking again so itll be ten times better. =)

    i never get high like i use to, maybe im just to use to being high! LoL im ok with that tho.
  17. so who's had those crazy deja vu dreams...sometimes i wake up and my brain tells me that i've already had this same exact dream, but im not sure if I really had this dream or my mind is playing tricks on me...fuckin shit makes me go loco insane thinking about it and trying to figure it out.
  18. When i was heavy smoking, the dreams were more intense, but I could never remember what they were the next morning.

    Now that I havent smoked in forever, I can remember my dreams in detail, though I wish i didnt
  19. I still have dreams. I dream every night. But I don't always remember them. I remember maybe 1 out of 10. Except for the nightmares, I remember those vividly. I have probably 1-2 nighmares a week.
  20. when i'm not smoking i can lucid dream at least once a week and remember some of my dreams from each night, but when i am (which is 98% of the time) I can only grasp small fragments and never the storyline. It kind of sucks because lately a lot of my artwork has been inspired by the somewhat permanent landscape and environment of my dreams and its difficult to map it out into something that works graphically when i can't remember it.

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