To Much Snow!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. theres to much snow and to little weed...theres soo much snow hear rigth now that i cant call any of my dealers and mcs is cloesed as well AHHH!!!!

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  2. a little later on.....ITS STILL SNOWING!!! AHHH!!!. they say it gunna stop at 10:00pm AH!!!!

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  3. go sledding dude. smoke tommorow
  4. i would..but iam much to
  5. make it go away! i hate snow
  6. dude

    go out and do snow bongs

    pack ur 2 footer full of snow and smoke away

    i get off my arse...i do bongs and go sledding. hurt myself slightly then go have sex with the wife...then do more snow bongs and start the whole process all over again...

    oh by the way ...i grow inside also haahaahaah fuckem...let it snow!!!!!

  7. read that as u shud have ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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