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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hoko, May 4, 2004.

  1. alright last summer i had a nice plant growing between late april to early july the problem i found was that late june and early july the temps here are always above 90 to 110 and well i planted it in a nice sunny location and it got to much sun and started to die the bottom leaves turned yellow and it worked its way up the plant until i just got pissed and ganked the plant.

    now this summer i dont wanna make the same mistake so i found a location that has some brush (like trees that are a centimeter in diameter and about 5ft high) they work as some camulflauge but the question i wanna know is will the plants work well in this invirment and the soil stays fairly moist and light seeks through the plants all day long but it stays fairly lit up will the plants do well in this type of invirment?
  2. Just put them where they get full sun from morning till early afternoon, and filtered sun and shade the rest of the day. Where I am, if they get late afternoon to evening sun they get cooked.
  3. k... i found a new plot that gets early sun to about 2 pm and then indirect sun light from then on and when i was digging the plot to plant my plants in teh soil the dirt about a foot down in the soil was moist and watery is that good or a bad place to plant in cause it does get really hot here and i live in the desert so not many places get water will the plants do well in this type of place where the roots will get water for a good time during the summer and when i was transplanting them my about 5 day old sprout i was puilling her outa the cup and the soil started to break up and the tap root was all the way down in the bottem but the soil fell off the base of it and the tap root started to show .,.... none of the roots broke cause only the top of the tap root lost its soil and u couldnt even see n e of the roots cause they wer e further down but i re planted it and pilled soil around it to keep it up again but what do u guys think have plants been able to live after something like that happens?
  4. if they have enough water and food, i cant imagine that MJ could get too much sun.

    am i wrong?
  5. well is the water issue a problem?

    cause water is at the bottem of the hole that i dug n e ideas and it hasnt rained for about 5 days now
  6. testing sig

  7. During the hottest part of the day,(where I live ), in july and august, no amount of watering will save them from direct sun. I lost four plants last year to severe heat stress. One I was able to relocate, to where it didn't get exposure in the late afternoon and evening sun, and it did fine. The rest which were getting morning to afternoon sun didn't get stressed at all. Too much sun? Yep , when the temps are high enough.

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