to much for a beginner ??

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  1. i'm a first time grower !!! my set up is grow tent 1.2m by 1.2m and 2m tall with carbon filter and a 600w hps also i have used a shower extractor fan 20w for intake this is taking air from another room , i have a desk fan in the tent to move air around . temp is around 30 degrees . i am growing northern lights x big bud (feminized cost me 45 quid for 3 from the dam) super silver haze, himlayan gold and white widow. in total i have 3 of each growing . i know it may seem a little bit over the top for a first timer but i have done my research and think its better to have more plants growing as i pay the electric bill and one or to plants would end up costing more , and if i get any bad or male plants i have plenty for back up . i will post pics as soon as they are up and going at the mo they are all seedling and under (flo) my soil is a pearlite potting soil mix and i will be using canna flores and veg (a&b) i have a ph tester and moisture tester . started the seeds in peat blocks they seem to have done the job so far .
    for a first timer i am trying to make this like a hospital operation i will try and take cutting and clone when the plants are big enough. all my set up is as clean as pos and am hoping to feed my habbit from the results as weed is costing me the earth and is not the quality it should be for the price . does any one think i have bitten off more then i can chew or am i just a little to hopefull any help or incouragement would be great :smoke: i want to grow silver bubble next hence my user name :D
  2. thanks staygold .. i have also post in the room you surguested but thought i post here to and see what i got from some growers with a few under there belt :);)

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