to miracle grow or not to miricle grow...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by highawatha, Oct 6, 2001.

  1. a pal did it every 2 that right???
  2. seems wrong to me. 6 weeks with hormons if you want to fuck with that stuff is the fastest I saw. If it is true post the method and become rich.
  3. I personally don't like the ease of toxic salt buildup that comes from miracle grow when used in potted plant's...Every 2 weeks with that stuff...I can't imagine. I switched a long time ago to Shultz 10- 60- 10 bloom builder with absoluty great success. I use it in small amount's at every watering. It does not cause salt buildup. breaks down well.

    Great for transplants,cloning as well.


  4. Since everyone is giving up their "secrets", I too have a little hint to share with y'all.
    Miracle grow is pretty good, but the nitrogen numbers are too small for my liking.
    Keeping in mind the toxisity of some "methods", the first thing to remember is that you should keep the food constant but not strong.
    Feed every watering, but do not over feed.
    Yes, salts will build up, but I have found that it happens slower this way.
    I used the"miracle" outside one year and it was perfect.
    now comes the "secret".
    I add some Potassium Nitrate (Salt-Peter) to the mix, so that the nitrogen is higher for the vegi state, then I cut it off for the flowering.
    This way, you don't have to raise anything, all you do is add less.
    Now, when I say every watering, I do NOT mean a cup full of miracle and a bottle of PN, but instead, a pinch of PN and 2 pinches of MG per half gallon.
    I know, the measures are real scientific, but it's faster than screwing around with spoons and measure cups and it works well for me.
    You can find PN at just about any wallmart, in the pharmacy section, with the other bulk chems like epsome salts and calmine lotion (usually right beside them) for about 3 buck a bottle.
    Since you do not use much, a small bottle should last many months, depending on the garden size.
    If you have to ask for it, say it's for your dog to keep him from screwing the sofa.
    It's sold for pigs and dogs as a sexual represser, to keep the urges down, and was used at one time for prisoners in jail, to keep them from hurting each other.
    I wouldn't use it on myself, but the plants love it.
    Remember though, moderation is the key.

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