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  1. *This is the first time I have used this guy* So I called this guy at like 1 today for a quarter and he says hes at work and he gets off at 6. I then call another guy and he says he has some but he can only do it at 6 too but he can also deliver it to me (I have no car so I had to walk 4 miles to my friends house, he has no car, to get the bud from someone in town because the first guy never delivers). So I get really bored at my friends house and I call the second guy up and he still can get it and deliver it to me at 6. At this point I dont have it yet but the second guy will come through. Now the first guy called me back and asked if I still wanted it and I said "No i got some lined up for me right now but thanks for calling back man, Ill hit you up next time for sure though" Then he starts talking about how what I am gonna get is probably not really good stuff and he is probably gonna rip me off and he was generally just shit talking the other dealer a bit and sounded like he was disapointed in me or something from buying from someone else. (the second guy is a friend of a friend and dosent rip off and gets bomb shit, mind you). So my question to you, was it fair of the first guy to act like that?
  2. not really but hes just a business man trying to get you to buy his product. he snoozed he loosed as they say
  3. the bottom line is, your going to buy which ever sack is the best or most convienent one in your opinion. If he doesnt like your choice then thats his problem. Just tell him the sack you bought was a better buy you thought.
  4. Well he's a business man. He's trying to sound better than the competition. Just like businesses putting out ads and crap.
  5. So you think what i did was right on my part?
  6. You shouldn't worry. He was just probably a little upset because you chose to go with someone else. But in my opinion if the two dealer 1 didn't know dealer 2, he shouldn't have been talking bad about him. But like everyone else allready said, he wants to sell his product so he can make cash.

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