to high ppm with lucas formula

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why is my ppm so high

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  1. I've been doing a lot of reading up here in the forum about lucas formula and decided to go with it, its just that i can't quite make sense of somethings, I've use the metric system so bare with me, i have the complete line with GH the triple one, micro, grow and bloom and following recommendations its 30ml between the 3 for grown plants, i use coco so its not the original lucas formula, i just made a batch of 10 liters roughly 2,5 US gallons and its 6ml micro and 9ml bloom each gallon, 10 liters thats about 15 ml micro and 22 ml bloom with adds up to 37 ml of nutes instead of 30 if u use all 3 ones, so following the recommendations lands me at about 1600 ppm, and so does the lucas formula, i just don't get it i read that the ppm for the lucas formula for coco 6/9 should be much lower, and shouldn't 37ml of nutes have a higher ppm then 30ml of the exact same line of nutes? give or take. my tap water is about 200 ppm and the ppm meter is calibrated. I've followed the recommendations for a little over a month and i saw what i think was a little bit of nuteburn on 3 of the plants so i figured i go with the lucas formula to avoid complication and nuteburn. does anyone have any thoughts about this why its so high ppm readings, what I'm i doing wrong? what shall i do? just as an example cuz I'm mixing nuts right now preparing to feed my ladies, 6ml of micro in a gallon puts me up to 900ppm, according to what i read it should be a lot less.

    any help is highly appreciated!!!
  2. I haven't done hydro in years, but I do recall there being 2 different values you can use when setting the meter up for conversion. one uses .5 and another .7 just check you are set up correctly.
  3. Also, I thought lucas was 0-4-8 and 0-8-16 with the 3 part. 0-6-9 with added Epsom salt is H3ads formula? 2 different mixes.
  4. hi and thanks for such a quick reply, already did that and no way of telling, .5 or .7 doesn't matter its still to high am afraid :(
    this is the originally lucas formula:
    General Hydroponics Flora Series Feeding Strategy - Lucas Formula

    G-M-B (Grow-Micro-Bloom)
    0-5-10 - For Vegetative cycle (18/6)
    0-8-16 - For Flowering cycle (12/12

    i don't see how that is relevant as I'm saying I'm using 0-6-9 and no epsom salt in other then education porpouse incase someone forgot the original lucas formula. and if I'm using 0-6-9 u can imagine the ppm reading with 0-8-16 so how ever i put it what i need is an explanation why its so high and what i need to do to fix it or someone knowing if its ok with 1600ppm,or how to get the ppm down. I'm on week 5 i guess that relevant swell as u use more nuts in the end of a cycle.
    lotsa thanks bro and happy growing!
  5. No idea if it isnt the conversion. Sorry I couldn't help.
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  7. thanks bro, I'm such a newbie i don't get the science part of the chart, will read up on it and see if i can get some sense of it, asking him some question to see if he can help me figure this out. big thanks again

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