To Help OR not to Help??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by OVERGROWER, May 16, 2006.

  1. :wave: :confused: Okay first off sorry if this is in the wrong place, but it seems right..
    OKay heres the story.. I'm at work tonite and Theres a new guy he's been there about two weeks. I've smoked with him once when i took him home one night... Tonite we are talking and i'm asking what kinda weed he gets ya know prices and sticky goodness of the bud. When outta nowhere he starts talking about some plants he has and how he cant figure out whats wrong with them.. All i could say was "watch who you tell about that for real".. I wanna help him but at the same time i dont want to put myself at risk because i barely know this Kat.. At the same time i figure he doesn't know where i live and what not , but to all he has to do is tell the police who i am and where i work and could get me there... I dont Fucking know, Its so much easier to give help here, no worrys ya know what i mean.. So what would you do I may just see how he's gonna work out in the position he working... If its any differance He offered the smoke when i took him home...
    Choke with ya'll later
  2. id either 1) give him advice without getting involved physcially or 2) give him this forum.
  3. The city was my first thought but he got no computer.. I think i'll just give him my old computer printed copy of "The cannabis grow bible".. and other material printed..I just want him to be successful and help us in the fight against prohibition..
  4. Go to the gardening section at any Barnes and Noble or Borders and youll find a dozen grow books. Tell him to grab a few from the shelf, get a nice little stack, go into the cafe, get a cup of coffee and dig into an afternoon of free readin.....
  5. personally id go and help the dude out, if he got plants for real then he aint gonna get you with the assume.
    plus..screw the 5-0, kkeep fightin the good fight and us stoners gotta stick together. :smoking:
  6. I'm not to worried about him going directly to the cops, i'm more worried about the size of his mouth. I mean he only has knowen me 2 weeks and already busted out about his grow, how many others has he told.. If he gets rolled on he could possibly roll on me.

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