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To hell with anyone defending "weed is weed"

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by dabs710, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. but... weed is weed :hookah:
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  2. until east coast is legal those cartel dudes will supply chem trim / chem weed / chem bush / canna chems... etc... = Chem man

    and this is another negative against a harmless plant= man and his chemical addictions and continual spraying of them everywhere
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  3. Just more propaganda , runoffs are not imposing any new threat that hasn't been around. They will blow this issue out of proportion for the next couple years. Just another way to start raids, enforce more regulations, and take control.

    We really need to be worried about are the buds themselves being sold, almost 85 percent of crops last year were tested and came back with some sort of problem. Most people lab testing there meds are not passing acceptable levels of chemical sprays, poisons !

    Water run off is the least of our worries.
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  4. Have you looked at these grows on google earth?

    These aren't grasscity members trying to grow dank weed, lol.

    True the cops always blow crap out of proportion, but these jackasses are doing their damage without a doubt.

    Just 15 minutes away from me, the area is close to areas of the Emerald Triangle in regard to the amount of weed being grown, and this is So Cal. The growers there have literally destroyed the environment by throwing their trash / waste everywhere and dried up most wells and streams by running a bunch of hoses.
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  5. prohibition at its finest.... Like Big Ag is not poisoning every water way in the country too... it is the nature of controlling nature IE, plants
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  6. #8 dabs710, Sep 13, 2017
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    Big Ag sucks, but they aren't using illegal pesticides.

    These growers think their plants are thousands of dollar losses, don't care to tend to them, and will spray anything and everything.

    If it was genuinely legal they would disappear. It's easy to come here and hide in the woods and sell to illegal states. Cartel growers love it.
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  7. This is what doesn't seem to be presented in many arguments for legalization that I encounter.
  8. I feel yah the renters are starting to leave the mountains and the nute bottles, trellis netting and other goodies are floating down stream and showing up all over the place. I did a garden tour a couple days ago to other farms, around 4 groups of guys without property, spraying poisons, setting traps, and throwing their garbage in piles, burning everyday in 90 degree dry weather(specified burn days). They've since harvested and I'm sure the weed is going to a couple shops. Bad for everyone.
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  9. Makes me wonder how much of the high I get is pot and how much is chems?
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  10. cartel uses pesticides to increase brick weed potency... hijack a few tankers full of the stuff and they are set to Soak! I've had some brick that reaked years back and have not touched it since learning that
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