To hell and back

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  1. right off into the story... Goin out last night to goto riverfire(fireworks that are one in brisbane.) On the way there decided it would be a good idea to get tabs i mean why not tabs are fun so are fireworks.......big mistake

    got the tabs which made us run late and miss the fireworks(this cause a problem.)

    we now had to goto where the fireworks were to get a bus... but ended up gettin the wrong train... at this point it was me and a mate on 2 tabs and 2 other mates on 3..

    this usually wouldnt of cause a problem we can handle are tabs well.. but these mother fuckers were strong tabs...the hit in 30 min and visuals were so good so suddenly...

    we the started making our way towards where we needed to go this was sweet got some time to walk talk and trip....

    end up walking onto some road that is under construstion...and it had about 15 little kids running around with there families all singing some wack as fuck song...

    at this point we started gettin lost and noticing the large ammount of ppl that were around...

    once we worked out where we need to go we gotsa stepping.... get into the bus stop and shit hits the mate one of the ones on 3 tabs snapped jus started parrowing out ayeworring like all fuck u could jus see it in his face... he was way to fucked for tryin to roam through immence crouds...

    but we went for it anyway we had a 19th to be at...

    got into the croud....and found the bus stop was sitting waitin and i too started to realise i was way to fucked to be hudled up in the wack as fuck we ditched the 19th

    and started to bail...we now had to get to the trainstation...This once again cause another problem cause the tabs were gettin stronger and stronger... and every mother fucker had the same plan to get to the train station...

    my mate stoner(mad cunt)
    -this mad cunt could tell you the facts about almost anything thing you need to know. One of the smartest kids i have every met
    - hold a higher respect for this cunt than most ppl i have ever met

    was starting to lose it more and more jus zoning off walkin front of cars and shit he had completly lost it jus kept asking

    were are we

    wat are we doin

    where are we goin

    where are you(standing not 4 foot away from him)

    now decided packed train was the last thing we needed . time for a cab

    couldnt get one of the fuckers fucking anywhere are had to walk 20 min to get it once we got the cab i realised my mate was having the wost trip he could possible have.. told him it was sweet we were on the way back to his...

    next thing jus chillin in the taxi, watching the roller coster, next thing stoner jus started irrationally moving around like jumping and hitting shit asking

    where are we

    wat are we doin

    where are we goin

    3 times the cunt tried to bail outa the cab...

    once we got back to his for a chow down . he still didnt know where he was.. or wat we were doin

    some time later i realise that my mate wasnt him self anymore he hadnt stoped with those 3 question and was now asking if he was dead and stripping down to his boxers. have never seen anybody act this way, except acters in movies in syce wards and shit.

    i thought my mate had completely lost his mind that night. thought that i wasnt goin to be able to see my mte no more... now i had to see this thing that acid had turned him into...ripped me to shreads

    we had a ambo coming and everything....but at 5 we relised we didnt need it when he started coming down and finnally came bak to his self at the last seccond.. and said "come play gta4"

    to some this story mighta been pointless but for who ever took the time to read this

  2. Good story but it was a little confusing. I don't know if it was just bad grammar or maybe you're tweaked right now. good story though.

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