To have sex or to not have sex...

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  1. Hey guys. I have a serious question that I need help with, but before we get to the question let me provide you with some background info.

    I am 21 and have only had sex(vaginal penetration) with one girl but have had sexual relations with 2 girls(it's weird). I work at a pizza hut and I am a manager. There is another manager there that is female and she is 24 and she wants to have sex with me. Like if I went up to her and used no game at all and just said "hey when are we going to fuck?" it would go down, easy. Would not get in trouble at work either cause we both have the same position.

    Now I've never been the type of guy that is great with women. I am not great with them at all. I am decently attractive. You may be thinking "oh if this chick wants to have sex with you than why haven't you banged her already???"

    Well my reason is she is not the prettiest of girls. I would rate her a 6-7/10. 6 on her worst day, 7 on her best. I have always set my standards high, and as a result I have not had many relations with chicks(I have had many a chance to have sex but turned the chicks down because I just didn't want to have sex with them... No homo).

    Here are the pros about having sex with her:
    -I could accomplish one of my sexual bucket list goals and have sex at work
    -she is very tiny, like really short and skinny. Small enough to easily pick up and throw her around during sex.
    -I'd be having sex.

    Here are the cons:
    -she is not that attractive(bad teeth, and Maybe even TOO skinny)
    -one of my good friends told her that he heard I was really good in bed, but I've only had sex once(was told I was really good though, lasted 2.5 hrs haha) so she is expecting me to be good...

    My question to you guys is should I have sex with her? Or should I not? What would you do?
  2. If you have to question it, don't do it. If you want to get your dick wet then just do it, what are you waiting for? :smoke:
  3. Why does it matter what we think of her. We never even saw her
  4. Idk man messed up teeth are a huge turn off for me. I wouldn't be able to kiss her.
  5. So what you are saying is that this this girl, who is "not that attractive(bad teeth, and Maybe even TOO skinny)"........has a better sex life then you !
  6. just fuck her it adds another chick to the list bro.if youv only had sex once it doesnt matter what she looks like juststick it in and get some practice in before you meet some naughty lil blonde with great big breasts
  7. go fuck her brains out dude...
  8. :confused:did a fellow man just ask us if he should have sex????????:confused::eek::(
  9. at least get some dome lol
  10. If she doesn't look that great and you have really good sex with her.. she's gonna cling to you. Don't do it.

    Stick your dick in everything that moves.
  12. As long as no feelings get involved, why not??

    If feelings get involved, thats terrible news cause you work together too :/
  13. I don't dip my hand into the company cookie jar so...for me it would be a no. Every time i have, the girl made it so fucking awkward and told a bunch of people at work.
  14. To have sex or to not have sex...

    That shouldn't even be a question.

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