To harvest or two wait?

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Would you harvest or wait a week?

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  1. Hi,
    First time grower looking to avoid the common rookie mistake of harvesting too soon. These are my ladies trichome's at about 59 days in. It's a sativa where the breeder quoted 60-70 days of flowering.

    Should I harvest or wait a week?

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  2. Wait, also a bit more magnification would be nice but I say wait. Keep in mind to flush according to your planned harvest time.

    Also too* not two
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  3. 191.jpg
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  4. Haha^
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  5. I think you got even more than s week tbh

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  6. Trichomes look pretty clear.
    Keep checking 'em daily.
    When all are cloudy and some amber, it's time.
    At least a week if not longer.
    Keep on top of your inspection. The time can come when you least expect it.
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  7. Wait TWO weeks!
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  8. I'd wait another 3-4. COUCHLOCK
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