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To harvest or not to harvest? need quick frost advice!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by The Green Bastard, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. right now i have 3 plants outside. I want to give them at least 2 more weeks until taking them. The problem is; there is a chance frost tomorrow night. Should i take my girls now?

    What happens if i wait for the frost and they get hit?

    can i harvest them after the frost without any damage?

    The temps are only supposed to be in the low 40's but i know that it doesnt have to be exactly 32* to get a frost. The local weather is saying it may frost. looking ahead at the forecast there will be several days in a row with night temps very cool and could possibly frost before it warms back up 10*.

    What should i do? :confused:
  2. 40s should be ok my plant has had several nights in the 40's. like tonight and from now on 40's will b the best she gets at night.

    anything below 40 (39 and below) is getting dangerous but frost will start to set in around 34 and deff at 32.
  3. you can also cover your plants and that should keep it a lil warmer
  4. let em' go man, the cold nights will change the color of the plant and start to kill off the leaves but generaly won't hurt the plant. I have a few that are gettin frost two mornings in a row. but it will take more than a basic frost to kill em or hurt em too bad. A "hard frost" will start to effect them but you got a while before that. Plus if yer gonna pick em why not just wait and see if the frost fucks em up, if it does then pick. I think a couple light frosts are good for some of mine.
  5. that's the forecast, very low 40's. I live 40 foot from the river and i my temps can varry 10* from the forecast due to the open air and water. If the news forecast says its gonna get low enough to frost, it will probably frost at my house.

    not an option. they are hiding in plain sight and any covering would make them stand out.

    here's the man i wanted to talk to. So, if i do get a hard frost and the next morning go cut them all down. The buds wont fall apart when drying, or be more prone to mold, etc?

    I really have no idea what happens to a plant when frost hits.

    I'm no newb, but my grow room has never gotten to freezing temperatures. :D
  6. yea i cant cover mine either but i can bring them inside, im guessing bringing them inside wont work for you either.
    i wish you luck man looks like your gona have to do what guerilla suggested

  7. you'll be surprized to find that MJ is a lot tougher than you might think. a 32 degree low isn't the end at all cuz it dont stay long enough to matter much, in fact I like it better after a couple quick frosts. if it dont stay below 40 for two days then your good if it frosts a "hard frost" of 12 hours or more you may have trouble. Now remember that all strains do different things but I dont believe that you'll have any issues with this little frost. you still got plenty of time, settle in and be patient..............it'll pay off.....
  8. Thanks for the reassurance.

    If my plant is hit with frost hard, lets say dangerously. what would the symptoms be? as in... if it starts doing "this", pull it.
  9. I think u can wait a little longer til ur forecast says low of 35-36. After colder temperatures your plant will turn purple as mine has. this does not harm the plant. as for what u asked, what happens after a strong frost, I have never been thru that. goodluck bra
  10. hey is it frosting out if you wake up and your car windows are foggy... no right
  11. no.....ya scrape frost off.....
  12. most strains survive the first frost... youll be fine mate
  13. hey maybe you all could help me! sorry to intrude on ur thread! this year is my first year trying to grow, n i got 3 female plants, they are small ill probly only get half ounce off all 3! i know its a pitty, but its just for myself n first time trying! i grow outdoors in 3 gallon containers! but i wanna dry maybe in my basement or my bedroom and i was wondering if i should hang them on a string to dry then paper bag then cure in a jar! the plants are only about 1 n half to 2 feet tall! i went this far i dont wanna ruin what little i have so i just want some tips on first time drying and curing if youd all give me some knowledge ! thanks

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