To Grow My Hair Or Not To That Is The Question

Discussion in 'General' started by ideal, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Hey anybody here have long hair?, Im thinking about growing mine ...
  2. Mine is shoulder length..

    People think I'm a Stoner because I have long hair!!!!!

    Most times I have it in a short pony tale!!!!!

  3. see thats why I wanna grow my hair to look like a stoner hey umg .... I dont feel like asking my sisters is there anything you should know about having long hair, might sound like a stupid question but sometimes asking can let you aviod alot :p
  4. i have red smooth hair and i have gotten like 300% more luck with the ladies because of it. if you keep it clean most of the time, its a good thing. go for it

  5. lol most of the time? keep your hair and youself clean all of the time! that helps with the ladies. :)

  6. You being a creature of the opposite sex, tell me do you like guys that have long hair devil women?
  7. lol, i like em all, as long as they are clean!!

  8. lol do you find alot of guys being unclean or something or maybe alot of guys with long hair that dont have clean hair or ...??? just wondering cause uv mentioned clean alota times :p
  9. lmao!!

    yes and no! i just hear of alota guys that only shower like every other day or so. i'm sure some wait like 3 or 4 days. idk to me, that's just smello. lol.
  10. I see, lol cool so where in canada do u live im @ ontario,brantford
  11. saskatchewan here!
  12. i did the mistkae of cutting it....

    my reasome i cant say, but i regret cutting it for that reasome, i feel stupid everytime i see that person now..........
  13. How can people wait that long to shower???

    I have to shower every day!!!!!!!!! Sometimes in the summer I take a shower in the morning and at night.. I can't stand to be nasty or sweety for too long, unless it's during sex!!!!!!!!!

  14. i hate to be sweet............aswell..........
  15. I have to shower every morning. I don't mind going to sleep dirty too much, but I'm not starting my day until I get a good 15 minutes under brutally hot water.
  16. And I have to admit, that women ( at least the ones, at the places I go ) generaly really like it.

    But long hair does have it's draw backs. For one, for every female that likes it, you'll have 4 or 5 people that don't. I have stopped for gas, and had cops follow me from the gas station to wherever I'm going. No matter which store you go into, you will probably be watched. In fact, one day after work, I had stopped for breakfast at McDonalds. ( I work 3rd shift ) And a bunch of older men ( 50s & 60s ) congregate there in the morning. When I walked in, they all quit talking, and stared at me. I got my order and was leaving, when one of them says to me. "Why don't you cut that mess" while pointing at my hair. So I told him what John Lennon used to tell people that said that to him. I said " What? And look like YOU!? No thanks!"

    Like I said, I love my long hair, but it has it's drawbacks. If you wanna find a job, not many people seem to take you seriously. Not to mention, having it get places you don't want it to be. ( Examples: burning candle, ciggs, little childrens hands)

    In short, having long hair is pretty cool, but you have to pay for it in certain ways. Good luck with whatever you choose. Hopefully, the more 'longhairs' there are, the less we'll be singled out.

    Hope this made sense!
  17. yeaaa i REALLY liek shaggy hair. it attracts me so much more than the clean cut. lets us know ur not so into looking exactly like ashton kutcher. I liek hair thats fresh and clean or like a day's scraggle in it. Thats as good as i can explain it.. its definitely hotter.

  18. i'm with u on that one!!! i have no idea why they don't shower like normal people. i thought it was gross lol. whatever, it's not me sleeping with them;)

    i myself like nice healthy hair, long or short. if you have long hair but it's all fried and full of dead ends. no good. it's like trying to pull off a comb over lol. another no no for men. grow it out! if you keep it healthy i'm sure it'll look awesome!
  19. I've cut mine recently (they were ass long) and I am growing them again (should take 3 years).
    When I cut it was because I couldn't stand the summer's heat + the hassle of a shower every day (the longer your hair, the longer the shower+drying time).
  20. fuck dude i just shaved my head, it was gettin pretty long too...

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