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To grind or not to grind...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokerpro420, May 9, 2011.

  1. I always run into the delema of not wanting to touch nice bud. I just got some FIRE, but the way it looks with all the red hairs and frosty looking crystals, makes me not want to grind it shaking off all that goodness, I have a nice grinder with screen and catch but still....Im think i might just break off little chunks and smoke 'em. What do you think?..
  2. I bet you won't even notice a difference...
  3. I only use my grinder for my vape or a whole lot of weed.
  4. I rather use my grinder because otherwise all the thc is just gonna stick to your fingers, what good does that do!?
  5. You'll get alot more if you grind it up, it really doesn't make a difference if your breaking it up or grinding it. If it's some fire like you said, then you be good.
  6. i used to have this same dilemna,
    but when your picking it apart with your hands then your getting sticky chronness all over your oily skin, i would just grind it up,
    just don't put a nickel in your grinder and shake it up like some people and you really wont be losing anything, and anything you do lose is still there

    i used to put a nickel in my grinder and shake it up with a bunch of bud in it just to get maximum keif, i stopped doing this one day and noticed a big difference in how high i was getting from a bowl (duh):smoke:
  7. scissors for people who buy small amounts

    grinder if you are growing and smoking everyday

    gets to be a pain cutting it up with scissors everyday.

    thanks for spelling scissors for me Intelligence i would of had to spell check that.
  8. i tend to use my hands as my grinder sucks huge donkey balls. I only bought it because it looked like a grenade
  9. Depends on how I will be smoking. If i'm rolling a blunt or a joint, it's hands all day. If i'm loading a bong, i'll grind it up.

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