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To Grind or Not to Grind??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Seanana, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. So I have a two part question. First, is ground weed better than just breaking it up with your fingers?(btw smoking out of a bowl) Second, should you grind the whole stash at once or only grind what you need? For me, I've always grindeded up my bud because I seem to get a better high that way and I have never ground the whole stash in one sitting, only took what I needed and used that. Any opinions?

  2. Grind only what you need, I treat my stuff like spices. If you grind up peppercorns and let it sit, it wont be as good as freshly ground :hello:
  3. I was considering asking a question about whether to grind or not to grind.
  4. i prefer to grind because it burns evenly in a bowl and its better if you grind ur stuff if your gonan roll a bone or a blizzy, and it helps you conserve ur mota
  5. Bad ass car and first person on here I've seen call it mota, NICE!! :)
  6. The real answer is that it's a matter of taste. Do what smokes best for you.

    *My* answers are:

    1. Grind, grind, always grind. Even burn, compact bowls--it's a no-brainer.

    2. If flavor matters to you, then know that it starts to decline the moment you grind it. You're exposing the flavor materials to contact with air, which begins to degrade them. This is true for anything aromatic; that's why cooking freaks prepare their herbs as near as possible to cooking, and why they grow their herbs when feasible.
  7. Only grind stuff below dank btw... and i grind all my shit up at once... i want that keif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 but, whether its ground or solid, as long as its airtight, it stays fresh.
  8. grind it up man, especially if u have a kief catcher.
  9. I have one with a catcher. I usually only grind what I need, and that's about it. I've heard grinding causes bigger highs.
  10. 1. Depends on the method, but I think grinding takes more bud, but produces a better result.
    2. Grind as much as you need.
  11. I grind only what I need when around the house, but when going out, I grind ahead of time so that I am able to get that clean, even burn, and be very stealthy and quick about reloading.:wave:
  12. this is a question I have pondering on and off for the past couple of years...I just switch it up :D

    Of course though, as everyone has pointed out, if you grind it up, it will burn a lottt smoother. But that also depends on what you're smoking out of.
  13. I smoke out of a bubbler and a bat(I know you have to grind this up, at least when a friend tried just stuffing it without grinding it was so hard to take a hit) I seem to also get more stuff when I grind it, or at least it looks like more.
  14. I always just grind what I'm planning using. :)

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