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To Grind Herbs for Vaping or Not to Grind?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by frogjam, Jan 25, 2010.

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    After using a glass whip, digital vape for about nine months now, I have concluded that grinding the herb before vaping is a huge mistake. Yet, it is pushed everywhere and plenty of grinders are sold every day. I'd rather handle properly cured buds as little as possible before vaping. I only break them enough to fit in the whip, using small tweezers to minimize busting the resin off.

    After 285 degrres F, the really sweet scent of the strain starts coming through. I continue vaping the whip-full to about 380-400. After every hit or two, I use a finely pointed wooden pick to gently break down the whole bud material against the glass side and screen until it finally ends up extremely powdery and chocolate brown. I honestly believe mine is as fine at the end as anyone's pre-ground and mine has been handled so much less that the resin is left more intact.

    It now seems incontestable to me that the same amount of herb lasts longer and is more effective than combusting. I know many consider the vapor aroma odd, but at the low temps, I find it very sweet indeed and much easier to distniguish the different flavor of different strains then when smoked.

    please, tell me why so many folks are so big on fine grinding first? :confused:
  2. I personally have a vape and i just purchased a grinder after about 3 months without one, by grinding the weed you are creating more surface area of THC per se, in other words your exposing more sides of the bud which in theory would allow more THC crystals to be vaporized, plus i absolutely love the fact that i can collect keef from my grinded herbs. to each their own:smoke:

    blaze on
  3. Grinding = good

    More surface area exposed and you won't get those uneven vapes of big nugs.
  4. but mine is as fine as powder at the end, after picking it between hits and there is nowhere for resin to come off but in vape chamber, where it belongs...
  5. Yup - Spot on. :hello:

    More surface area = more available goodness to vape. Kinda like blow - the finer powder, the more surface area = more exposure to mucas membrame.
  6. I grind mine up real fine, and my boyfriend, not as much. He has said that I "pack better bowls" with the vaporizer, and I'm going to guess that's because I grind it really, really fine. However, I figured out a way to get the bud into the whip without touching it, so that helps a lot too.

  7. my grinder only grinds my herbs up into decent sized shavings almost, single chamber 20$. its big enough it wouldn't fall into the hole on a bowl and it vapes great I've never even heard of vapor dust until today actually:D:smoke:

    blaze on
  8. definitely grind the bud up

    more surface area = good
  9. My spice grinder Krups is used to grind many kinds of powder that are not limited to herbs. Have been used it for almost 5 years and the cutter still works very well. 2 grinding cups are enough for me with a large amount
  10. I agree I never grind. I think this works on some vaporizers but not all.
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