To go to the casino or not to go??

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    SO I love going to the casino.. and haven't been in 6 months or so.. and today happens to be the perfect day. However for some reason I feel guilty possibly blowing 200 bucks. but I really want to go. my bills are covered this month and I have everything I need.. My fiance even wished me good luck and thinks I am going.. but for some reason I can't shake this guilt feeling. What you think GC??? should I go?
  2. Of course you go to the casino. What kind of question is that??

    Also, play craps, not cards.
  3. Buy yourself a nice big sack or a nice, nice piece of glass.

    You're already saying you're 'blowing' your money at the casino, so why go?
  4. Already have the nice glass and big sack.. and will smoke plenty at the casino. Just wanted to get the thoughts of my buddies here at gc..
  5. ahhh it could go to so much more use, IMO.

    anything man, it's 200 bones!!
  6. Why not invest that $200 in a savings account?

    I'd buy a half myself... but you already have bud you say.
  7. Yes definitely play roulette and blackjack and you'll walk out with more money than you went with.
  8. I hear ya, that's why i am hesitating but.. there is nothing else I want right now.. nothing I can think of. This happens often I have been putting off my trip to the casino every week and I never even end uo getting or doing anything cool. this is my fun and I think its ok for me to spend th money as I see fit.. but I have no idea what that is
  9. I love your line of thinking! God bless you!
  10. Awesome! thanks for the advice
  11. Yes, good luck.
  12. thank you blunt! I think I am leaning towards going.. gonna start rolling some joints for the trip
  13. casinos eh? never saw whats so great, a cloud of cigarette smoke and desperation seems to carpet over the ceiling, where the cameras of greedy entrepreneurs and crooks gaze at their mice tirelessly playing their games of flashing lights and spinning chances.

    or maybe i'm just biased cuz i've spent too many hours as a kid waiting to go back to the hotel so i can hopefully eat :confused_2:
  14. Another thing, to all the people who say to save the money because he could do so much w/ $200......

    One thing he wont be able to do if he saves the money, is triple or quadruple it in the casino.

    Yeah, he could get tons of new bongs then.

    He could get whatever bong he wants, then fill it up w/ weed for months w/ the right strategy and a tiny little bit of luck.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  15. :eek:

    That sounds like one hell of a trip! .....

    Kind of grosses me out.
  16. i could win
  17. Dude you're gonna win.

    Always bet the pass, play max odds on the 8, stay the fuck off the field and don't get too wasted. When a line bet pays, take it down and stick half in your pocket.
    Don't get too wasted.
    Try to find the table w/ the lowest minimums so you can stay in the game longer w/ just $200.

    You're gonna win.
  18. "In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing, and keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose. In the end, we get it all."
  19. I used to go to the casino back when I was 18 with my ex lol I never really got that lucky...but my ex did end up winning $60 once. Too bad he gambled it again and lost it all.

    I say no, but that if you do go that to only go with a fix amount of cash (like $40 or something). And if you win more than $40...DO NOT KEEP PLAYING. That's how they get you.
  20. Never play roulette. It has some of the worst odds in the building.

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