To flush or not to flush

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  1. Ok,so i have heard different answers on this question. Some people dont flush at all. I personally am in soil. So what are the pros and cons of flushing? Also,whats the best way to flush in soil?

    I ask because im almost 7 weeks,so flushing if i choose to do so will be coming soon.

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  2. "Flushing" is for toilets and growers that over apply chemical fertilizers.

    Water with plain water for ~ 2 weeks prior to expected harvest time...
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  3. Yes,but why? I heard that by flushing out the.nutes or not adding any for those weeks,causes u to get less yield. Also read that if cured right,u can.still use nutes up til chop and still have great tasting bud.

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  4. If you use chemical nutes eventually your going to get salt lock out... if you use a living soil you don't have to add nutrients because they are already there along with the microbes. With an organic soil there is no need to flush ever. I actually just cut out a 4" square of the roots from my harvested containers and then drop the next one into that hole.
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    Ya' know, you can hear a lot of things on this here weed forum...
    Unfortunately, the grand majority of it is not based on plant biology or soil chemistry...
    Keep in mind that fan leaves store quite a lot of nutrients in their leaf structure.  These nutrients can then be utilized by the rest of the plant if needed.  That's the reasoning behind finishing the grow with just plain water.  There are plenty of available nutrients left IN the plant FOR the plant to feed on as it dies.  Cannabis is an "annual" plant.  It's meant to die in one season.  Fading leaf color is a normal part of this plant senescence...
    I generally look to harvest around two weeks after I've noticed that lots of hairs are brown AND the flowers have stopped fattening (or getting wider) when looked at in profile.  I'm trying to get away from relying on "trichome color" to determine when to harvest my herbs.  I figure once any plant stops putting on weight, harvesting two weeks afterwards should be just about good for WHATEVER chemical qualities are present in the plant's genetics to develop themselves to peak potential.  Weed's weird and so are the myriad strains that we all are dealing with.  Trichomes of many strains will not turn "amber" like those of others. 
    Seed manufacturers recommendations are usually off by about at least 2 weeks.  They grow in conditions that are far more dialed in than yours or mine (especially mine!).  Start "counting" when you actually see flowers beginning to develop on your ladies once put into 12/12.  Then start paying attention to flower development around recommended harvesting times... 
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  6. shouldnt be a question, always flush
  7. Ok,so then tell me what the purpose of flushing is,since it shouldnt be a question

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