To Flush or Not to Flush...tis tha question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cmd420, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. was reading a different thread about flushing in an Ebb system that turned into a thread about whether to flush or not...

    I do and was told by someone sampling my first grow that I should have flushed longer..and he was right, I only flushed for like 5 days

    .....that being said, how could he have known? if there was no benefit from flushing?

    The flip side is what someone on the other thread said:"mother nature doesn't stop feedin' em..why should I?" hard to argue with that logic....

    whadddya thank?

  2. I believe it has alot to do with which kinds of nutes you use. And how many PPM you run?

    And Ive done this experement for myself before. I always flush for awhile. The fan leaves will turn autam colors when the flush is done. Ive not flush with organic nutes....not too bad! But if you dont flush while using a 1400ppm GH forula, Your going to have a harsh chem after burn.

    Something else that really helps is to flush between veg and flower stage for 12 hours! And once again about three or four weeks into flower for 12 hours as you change the res. This doesnt apply to all you lucas guys. But if you do a full res change like me...Its worth checking out. Also clean all that salty crusty build up on the res, if you see any?

    5 days aint bad for a flush if you use flora kleen or a flushing agent. But just with water it may take awhile to get rid of the chem taste if you use hard chem nutes! This is just my opinion bro. I know a few guys that say Im waisting my time! lol...:D

    Hope this helps man-:cool:
  3. right on...I knew it wouldn't be as simple as a yes or no:)...

    factoring in the type of nutes that the plant has been dealing with for it's entire life seems like a no-brainer as soon as I read it...thx for opening my mind to that...

    once again, reacting based on what the plant's life and enviornment are telling me, is better than some hard and fast rule. thx again:)

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