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To fiend or not to fiend?

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha Bagel, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. What I want to know is: Who's the biggest fiend you know? Or is it you? How far would/have you gone to blaze?
  2. I know someone who steals weed from his "friends" by going through their stuff
  3. I do my best not to fiend (as in jack weed/smoked out by other people all the time, right?) and luckily for me none of my close friends 'fiend' either.

    sure is fucking annoying though when people, girls a lot of the time, expect to be smoked out or just think you will willingly hand out your weed
  4. Meh, depends on the girl, but I think I know the kind you mean. Fiends will be fiends!
  5. I know someone who smoked a quarter of someone else's bud while they weren't there.

    I don't do that shit to people though. Considering I believe in the karma system, I like to buy my owns.
  6. Can't say I know anyone who's been a real fiend. I've been a fiend but not by stealing by getting desperate and like finding shake and scraping resin to get that last bit before I see my guy.
  7. i never call people stuff like fiend, but i once met what you could call one

    me and a friend were sitting in christiania smoking a joint, when this sketchy dirty fella ( he was really dirty ) wanted to hit the joint, my friend passed it to him, he managed to almost smoke it whole and passed it back to us, when i checked it, he had completely slobbered the butt of the joint

    im like wtf, atleast have the courtesty not to slobber on the damn joint :p
  8. all my friends fiend off eachother
  9. I used to watch these two kid's for free, and I'd take a hit of his ounces upon ounces every now and then.
  10. my friend wanted me to 'borrow' her 5 ritalin to study which she told me she traded for this girl to smoke her up a bunch. thanks pal.
  11. i've had friends that didn't want to hang out unless we were getting stoned
  12. Or leave if you couldn't pick? Did it bother you at all?
  13. I know a few but never fully understood the fiend thing over cannabis. I mean, to me and my close friends its always been like a holy thing (not in the religious way but in a great gift to all human beings kind of way) that is to be shared to all those who partake without compensation and karma takes care of the rest. I work with addicts all day and have good knowledge of their addictions to other drugs but cannabis is completely different in my understanding. Fiends gonna fiend I suppose whether or not its over drugs or whatever else their dependence is.
  14. I'm a fiend in the sense that I love weed and will never quit and it does somewhat dictate my mood (because I get pissy when I don't have it)... BUT.. I would never steal from anyone whether it be stealing weed or money to buy weed.. It's weed not crack ;).
  15. Usually when I fiend. I try to find another friend who's fiending and try to buy a sack together. Instead of the usual smoke me out
  16. There seems to be a misconception here, weed does not make you fiend. Sure, you may really want to smoke sometimes but that aint fiending.

    When the itch hits you so bad your skin is crawling and you can feel every cell in your body crying for that shit, the itch that never goes away, that's fiending. It's almost disrespectful to the bud to put it in that group
  17. My brother, he has stolen hundreds of dollars in stuff from me including weed.

    This is why I am against people in high school smoking pot. They have no life experience and no responsibilities so they tend to act foolish when it comes to pot.

    I believe pot is great if you start smoking as a responsible adult.

    Not everyone is like this, but that is my view.
  18. Probably that one blade who just made the thread about sucking off their dealer after a smokeout. But if you're talking about real world people I know... I'm gonna say nobody I know really "fiends" for weed. Maybe my older bro but he never really runs completely out so I dunno.

  19. Sorry for the misunderstanding of terminology. To me, and those of my friends that use the term fiend use it as a hyperbole of sorts. To me, fiend just means someone who will either leave if no weed is coming/can't hang without weed, will go to great lengths (hilarious lengths) for a bowl, and/or jack friends for a smoke
    But despite what I just said, being/ knowing a fiend isn't all that bad, it usually make for some good stories
  20. I always have bud but this outdoor grow is running out already and i have no grow going, i wont buy weed cause even if i do get it dispensary prices it adds up after a while, sooo if any of you wanna smoke me up when im out thatd be cool...

    This one time my sis threw a bday party for me, we got real drunk and i went home, the next morning i wake up and my bud was gone, i go back to my sisters place to pick up my bong and when i get there a "friend" hands me a baggy, in it is ONE chemdawg nug, my gf had bought me a 1/4th of it, i say wtf man why do you have my bud and he replies "i didnt know it was yours" (it was a small party only close friends, my sis thought those people were close friends of mine and invited them, i didnt consider them friends) so at this point theres nothing i can do but cut my losses, i go in to grab my bong and the apartment reeks of smoked herb, when i see my bong im pissed, it turns out those guys stayed the night smoking my weed from my bong all night and went all out and had a wake and bake sesh with MY weed and MY bong, im pissed now

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