to everyone that says "F*** all cops"

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    i had my first experience a couple weeks ago with the coolest cop.
    my friend had been drinking at a party but i didnt throw down so i was just smokin.
    2 am came and he really wanted to go home but didnt want to drive - i told him id drive.
    we begin the drive back listenin to music and chillin when we come to a light that just turned yellow.. i speed up and thought i made it before the red but about 10 seconds later i see the red and blue lights.

    i pull over to a nearby parking lot as he pulls behind us.
    as he approaches the car, i just think were terribly fucked.
    i had a scale and 2 ounces in my coat and my friend was wasted and underage.
    as i roll the window down, he notices the alcohol smell right away and we both deny the party.
    he gives us both one more chance to admit cus he wasnt playin stupid.
    my friend admits finally so he asks for my friends id ( i didnt have mine, but the cop didnt mind :)) and he calls in back up to breathalize him.

    the 2 cops cracked jokes at my friend calling him 'pancho villa' cus he had a blanket covering his window cus 1 fell out hahah.
    after they both breathalize us and they see although my friend was fucked up, im sober and im driving, he proceeds to say "alright ill let you finish your drive back to your friends house. just wanted to make sure you werent under the influence of anything."

    so i drive back to my friends with no ticket, nor did my friend have a ticket for anything at all.
    although there were many things that he couldve ruined us with that night , he just wanted to make sure i wasnt driving drunk etc.

    we didnt even have to step out of the car once nor was a k9 called.(which usually always happens considering the rich county this happened in)

    definatly the coolest cop ive ever met and makes me think twice before i judge all police.
  2. Cops are like the devil.
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    Saying all cops are dicks is like saying all stoners are stupid and lazy.

    Seriously I'm surprised by all the stupid shit people talk on here. Really I thought the hate cops all pigs gotta die was like a an 8th grade stoner thing.
  4. Cops put murderers and rapists behind bars my friend, think about that next time your kids are walking home from school.
  5. ^^ This.

    However I can see how many people hold a hate in there heart for the men in blue as they often do tend to bend the law to the was they see fit.
  6. yes, very true.
    the majority of cops ive had experiences with were all dicks.
    but saying 'i hate all cops' is as dumb as saying 'i hate all black people'
  7. Ive only had a few bad situations envolving the r^b but the last cop that pulled me over let me off with a warning and was nice as hell even though he looked like he would be one of the asshole pigs.
  8. cops are just like everyone elts...

    no mater what type of group you break people down into..race religion occupation....the majority of them are assholes

    you have to take each and every person as an individual and you will find a few great people in every group!
  9. I hate when I see people talking shit on cops.

    When my uncle was younger, he smoked weed, and partied alooooooot. But he got sent to valley forge and he became a cop. He worked for 25 years, made good money, and after 25 years he is about to retire. Makes good ass money, and will have benefits and what not even once he retires.

    That sounds like a good life to me, i'm getting all my drugs in now, because i plan on going on a 25 year tbreak like him.

    Not all cops are out to ruin your day, some might, but others just want to make sure your not fucking anything up.
  10. lmfao
  11. Ya well I just had a run in with about 8 of the most fucked up and corrupt cops and I say fuck 99.9% of cops and all other forms of law enforcement.
  12. I think we need a change of attitude regarding this. The police's job is to uphold the law, however stupid they may seem. I'm going to start say "Fuck Politicians!" considering those are the people who make retarded laws.

    Fuck Politicians!
  13. ACAB

    nuff said
  14. I think a reason many stoners hate cops if because most cops despise stoners and also because police academies [at least here they do] require that you can have no prior or standing involvement with MJ. So, essentially there are openly stoner cops, and most of them are in the anti-MJ brainwashed parts of society.

    In short: I dont like criminals, I dont like cops
  15. While this is true and VERY true at that, cops are also only human. A lot of times personal involvement can come into play. Individual morals and beliefs is what hinders the law, and all it takes is 1 or 2 police brutality incidents, and everyone goes all "fuck the popo"... which they have the right to being that we pay out of our pockets for our protection, not destruction.
  16. I still say F*** all cops.
  17. Theres no need for fuckin cops their useless. They don't prevent dangerous crimes they prevent petty crimes. I could prevent petty crimes and other crimes myself just allow everyone to have guns and everyone will be a bit more weary on who they are pulling a gun on knowing that every person they are pulling a gun on could potentialy have a bigger or equally as big of a gun as them.

    Cops don't touch dangerous neighborhoods. Their afraid to go into the ghettos and prevent crimes because that shit is so dangerous. Now isn't that a bit odd? They are afraid to do their job? Its what were paying them for yet they won't do it. Their a waste of money and resources.

    People who shouldn't have guns aren't prevented form having guns with gun laws its innocent law abiding citizens who end up getting a gun pointed at them and having no way to defend themselves because of stupid gun laws.

    Fuck government institutions.

    And for anyone defending cops, let me ask you one question. Have you ever been arrested? If not your opinion means nothing, you have only seen one side of the coin.

    Yes there are some good cops, but i would rather argue that there are a few good people out there.
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    Have you ever moved (already owned), video tape to DVD?

    Have you ever re-encoded CD to MP3?

    Have you ever re-encoded DVD to AVI to watch on your computer?

    Have you ever made backup copies of any software you own?

    Have you ever installed non GPL/LGPL freeware software on another person's computer?

    Have you ever quoted a post on the internet without the express written and notarised permission of the initial author?

    Have you ever copied a tape?

    If you have done any of this, congratulations. You are a violator of the DMCA. Punishable by a US$175,000 fine per occurrence plus 5 years in federal prison.
  19. i definitely agree. people always say that shit but they call them when they are in danger that legally needs to be handled. i hate asshole cops. not because they are cops but because they are simply assholes. cool cops i always respect because its so easy to be a power abuser and the ones that actually do it for the job are cool. and because they dont make laws, they only enforce it and are doing their jobs, so if a cop lets you go on anything hes taking from his quota and being cool so that is always something to respect and the benefits of not getting in trouble are always great.
  20. yea!! so i went into subway today to grab me a delicious turkey sandwich. subway is like right behind my house and i decided to hop the wall and get my grub. As i approach the parking lot i notice two killer whales (police cars, black and white) sitting outside of the building..I think nothing of it because im stoned as hell and I dont have any nugs or a pipe on me..all i had was some chapstic and my munchis money. as i approach the door i quickly throw on my hood to my jacket so i dont have to been seen to much. I walk in and immediatly I see 4 PIGS just sitting at a table staring at me..good thing i had my hood on because they couldnt see my face too much. I order my food and can feel the prying eyes just staring at me. I thougt to myself "i should really fuck with these assholes because i have nothing illegal on me and I smell fresh and clean (just showered). So I keep looking back at the table they are sitting at through the corner of my hoodie and i kept making eye contact with one of the officers, who has now grown very suspicious of me. Mind you i am wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and black shoes. The cops get ready to leave but as i wait for the sound of the door to open and them leaving,. I instead hear i turn around finally from ordering my shit i realize all 4 of these evil motherfuckers are at the door just standing there staring at me LMAO!!!!! i walk wiith my head down just to be even more i walk out they all follow me and proceed to ask me if i was looking to rob the place(i wasnt)or if i had warrants(i dont) and if it was okay to search my pockets(didnt let them) they just told me to try not to be so suspicious..i said: "buying a turkey sandwich is suspicious now? Fuuck."and walked the fuck off....this was easily the highlight of my day. i love acting all sketch around cops when i aint got shit to hide..good times!:hello::smoking::rolleyes:thanks for reading this whole thing. im stoned typing this!

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