to eliminate fear

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  1. if I could eliminate fear

    think about it

    evil and bad shit feads off fear and most negative thoughts. Most negative thoughts are driven by fear. So if I could eliminate fear I would not think negative shit and could be much more powerfull and wise.
    Maby fear is what is holding us back from the most woderfull things in life.
  2. Virtues are nothing without vices. The wondeful things in life only seem so great because of all the negative things we have in life such as fear.
  3. not surpass. Remove and eliminate fear. without fear nothing would hold me back.

    If I could remove fear from my feelings and I know I can then I will be on a much easy much more happy path.

    and I think it is also one of the many things one must do to ascend in to a higher plane.

  4. these views will only hold you back

    and not giving you shit but i have noticed that most of your posts are so negative

  5. remove fear and you remove one of the most important (if not THEE MOST important) of our instinctive emotions. its VITAL for our survival. without fear we'd all be suicidal psychopaths.

    what we need to get rid of is people abusing other's fear for their own power gain.
  6. Digit's right. Don't remove fear unless you can replace it with something similar or even better. When our intelligence becomes stronger than our instincts fear will slowly disapear by itself, no immense force of will necesarry.
  7. well digit I already am a suicidal psychopath.

    why is fear so vital for our survival. why is it so necessary to survive in this world.
    I can replace fear with common sence.
    it is common sence to reason with someone who is trying to kill you then it is common sence to kill or be killed.

    immense force is extreamly necessary for my survival

    I fell like no person can put fear in me I just wont let it happen. Like when big lip leroy comes up asking to pound my head in I will ask them why and tell them to go for it but wait for the karma to come back. And usually they just laugh and walk away.

    but I do fear death this is why I am not dead yet.

    and if a child was brought up with no fear and a lot of common sence they would end up taking over the world or just doing great thing after great thing in there life.

    I think fear is the source of evil and darkness
  8. Soooooooo,
    Are you afraid of being afraid?
    Are you afraid that fear will make you afraid?
    Fear without something to be afraid of is paranoia.

    Just because you are paranoid, do not think that
    someone is not out to get you.....

    Two things if life really suck. One is being old and
    feeble. The other is being poor. My biggest fear is
    being both old and poor.

    My biggest fear is that I will run out of smoke and
    the only person who has any does not like me and
    makes me do naughty things to get some...
    No, wait a minute. That is my biggest hope.

    never mind
  9. yes okietokie indeed?
  10. light cannot be if there is no darkness.

    if there is no fear, which is it we woud lose? ..

  11. if there is no darkness then there must be light.
    There must always be light if it is not dark it is a law of nature

    and it seems to me everyone I present this too only sees a negative side to it


  12. I've actually been thinking about this a lot in the past few days. I'm glad someone brought it up. I think I agree, or at least I do right now. Here's my take on it...

    If we knew we were fearful of something but somehow had it not affect us at all, so we wouldn't be "suicidal psychopaths" as digit said... So, we could choose whether or not to go against our instinctive fear without bringing any courage into the matter. That's one thing pot does for me, eliminates fear. Now, if I only knew that I had fear, I wouldn't do such stupid stuff... but things I wouldn't normally do, but I want to do, I would do because.. I want to.

    So, I think it's possible.
  13. well Gren you are the first person who sortof agrees with me.

    but saying "if we knew we were fearful of somthing but somehow not let it affect us" is not what I am talking about

    in saying this fear would still be part of our life. we would not eliminate it we would just not act on it but fear would still affect us.

    I am so tiered of being scared.
    it is time to move on to greater things.

    P.S I smoke pot every day have not been without for 4 years at least. Yesterday was the first day in 4 years I have not smoked pot. There have been massive changes in my life.
    I wont be smoking any today either usually I would be fliping out but FUCK I AINT SCARED of having no pot anymore.
    I am so happy at the moment.

    fear is a bitch and Im not scared of fear anymore.

    fear FUCK YOU.
  14. I guess we're kind of on the same level... oh well, it doesn't matter. Good for you! you're not addicted to pot!
  15. This whole thread is scaring the hell out of me
    and I ain't afraid of nothin'.

    And a lack of darkness does not equal light.
    There is darkness between the light waves.
    Just as there is something (air? love? hope?)
    between the molecules of a piece of wood or
    steel or lead or jam-ba-lay-ah...

    Faster Cars
    More Money
    Older Whiskey
    Younger Women

    Did I forget anything?

  16. you sound like that teacher in Donnie Darko. You ever see that movie?
  17. cant say I have seen that movie is it good what is it about.

  18. Yets its very good. It's about this guy Donnie Darko and time travel. Check it out and watch for his teacher!
  19. FEAR isn't what everyone is using it as, the word fear is merely unspecified. What is your fear when you say fear, when i see the word fear i think of dark water, drowning, being cramped in, being embarassed...lashing out at people who upset me-"but fear is holding me back" isn't "fear" that what you mean to say, it is the trembling in your sweating fingers it is the quick beating of your heart when you are being yelled at by that person's friend, parent, or supporter, or the authorities, it is facing the unknown and being sent into something you don't know what will come to you. It is consequence, it is your personal response to a situation, just like how someone can go on a roller coaster and laugh while somebody else is screaming and crying in tears because it is painful to them emotionally for some reason. Yeah, that may be defined as fear, but there is a more inner, deeper reason for everyone's individual responses to something. What holds you back is the consequences, just how people feel like bungee jumping simply because they want to face their fears of falling, but truly if they conquer it, it still isn't conquered, to truly conquer it is to jump without the cord and prove their fears wrong, then again...that's suicide, or is it somebody giving up their fright against fear. Everything is purely psychological, without it, it would make us closer and closer to killing our instiinctive emotions which have been inside us for millinias, taking this away will just make us more efficiant and more like robots, lesser than humans in my belief. Okay, i'm ending my post cause it is leading myself into circles, and because it may be too confusing.
  20. do not eliminate fear, eliminate the fealing of fear from ones self.

    I can be afraid to jump a gorge. Ill be stuck on one side for the rest of my existence.

    I can understand the danger of jumping a gorge. If counquered, i could now travel to both sides at will.

    which would you rather have?

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