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  1. My problem is when im fucking a girl i cum in less than 2 minutes.. any ideas on how to last longer
  2. Your first post is about being a premature ejaculator? Haha

    Uhh you could jack off and try to last more than 2 minutes, keep from cumming as much as you can, that can help control your issue.

    Also stare off when you feel like you're about to nut, find something to distract you, like a photo..or the thought of your grandma and grandpa fucking like animals, that shit always gets me.

    I've actually never had this issue, even when I lost my v card it took 20+ min, probably 'cause the chick I was with kept crying 'cause it was so painful...wasn't painful for me, couldn't she have been more respectful of MY feelings haha.
  3. Think about baseball

  4. but i love baseball

  5. thanks and your first time sounds like a horrible experience haha

  6. Haha it wasn't too bad, just had to tone her out, she became a solid fuck after stretching her out a but. That was almost 8 years ago now, crazyness!
  7. Think about that scene in The Human Centipede where the asian guy had to take a dump all in that girls mouth and SHE HAD TO EAT THAT SHIT!! lmfao eww!! That'll get you nice and soft!
  8. For me I've learned that it's all in my head, if I'm really into it and concentrating on it, then I'll last 30 seconds (but I've learned howto make myself stay hard to keep going after that;)) but if I concentrate on something else, I can last forever. It takes some practice and I had a couple disappointed girls at first but now it's great:hello:
  9. Do what the other guys say you need to think of the right kind of random thought, not something too gross but not too random either or you start drifting off. Having some muscle control there can help also.
  10. There are some lubes that will desensitize your tool and make you last longer, K-Y 'his' works well for me.

    Maybe start putting the first load down her throat and then pound the muffin!

    Bullshit aside though, I am betting that pussy is nice tight and juicy.......
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    Yeah, these guys are right, alot of it is in your head. Think of other stuff and practice lasting longer while materbateing.

    Tip 2: Masterbate a few times the night before and on the day your gonna be with a girl (Thats if you know wether you are or not)

    Tip 3: If your about to cum and aint gonna be able to stop it, quickly pull out and use two fingers and thumb to squese just under yor bell-end (what your doing is slowing/stopping the blood flow that runs up the pipe in the back of your penis, this should stop you cumming and lower your arousal slightly so you can keep going, again practice this during masterbateing, works wonders once your master it)

    ^ If your comftable with your partner, just dont give a shit or shes really chill then
    tell her what your doing. if you dont want your female to know your doing this then be suttle, pretend it fell out and take your time putting it back in (Or rub her clit with your cock while you grip it, when you feel ready get back in and keep goin) . If you's have been going for a bit you can all so pull out use the pause to switch positions, this will give you more time to settle down as well.

    Yeah what he guy above said as well, getting a bj or somehting and busting a nut right before it should help A LOT. Another one is just go twice, if you pop within two mins just say sorry but you got more, just give it a minuet. get off and play with her fanny for a bit till your ready to go again.

    Good luck and happy shaggin
  12. I do not chase the tail anymore but back in the day. I had the problem I will admit it. I would either jack off before, Continue slowly after(DON'T DO THAT), Or just tell the girl you need to change condoms because you came, Lastly tell her you felt a tear after cumming pull out throw the condom so she does not see shove a new one on and continue. But I am very open and talk about it with everyone and from my male friends they do not understand how I can continue for an hour after cumming, Most go limp to my knowledge :(

    Always think, WWMD. What Would Macgyver Do.
  13. bro just work on your poker face.:cool:

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