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    This is my first outdoor grow, i am in GA and it has been around 80 for a high the last couple of days, but down to mid 50's at night, is it to early to start germing my seeds and getting the ready to go in the ground? I plan on just using the paper towel method for 8-24 hours, then putting the seed straight in the ground with no artifical lighting. thanks for any feed back!!! Also i am using mircale gro oraganic soil because it was as close as i could find to 20-10-10 in my area :smoke:
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    i live in ga and i already have 2 outside because they out grew my space inside. but the rest are going out april 5 when the days will start having 13+ hours of light. i would suggest putting them in the ground about april first that way you dont risk them flowering and having to reveg
  3. alright thanks, i have 7 seeds, but am only planning to plant 5 Should i start germing twoards the end of this month??, also how often do you water and feed yours
  4. just gotta watch it last summer i was there every other day having to water them with the lack of rain.
  5. o ok gotcha, do they like alot of water when they are first starting out?
  6. Im from ga also,

    Winter is looooong gone. its 80s and low 50-60s now.
  7. i know, but the sunlight is still around 12 and 12 a day
  8. Yes I too live in south ga and I have one plant outside about 2 ft tall already it is a dp feminised blueberry plqnt and it is flowering so it will have to revegg I will wait till later in the year next go around
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    Sunrise Sunset Calendars - Worldwide Locations best website you can save april 6 ga will have close to 13 hours and april 21 we will have 14 hours of light.

    what yall gonna have going?

    i have:
    6 tga qrazy train
    6 cali connection sour diesel
    1 blue widow maybe more
    1 world of seeds madness
    1 Armageddon
  10. WOA bro ha, i only have 5 plants in the ground right now and they are still little babies, my best one is probalyy only 1.5 inches tall, but they have only been in the ground for less than a week. Also i was wondering.. these seeds were taken out of some dro i had, what will the potency become since i am growing them outdside? will it be more like mids?

  11. It all depends how you feed them, how much water do they get, how much sun they get. then once theyre ready to harvest, how you dry them, how you hang them! and how you trim them. Many factors man. Just give them lots of love and dont dry them out all the way. So they're kind of flexible you could say. then put them in jars for curing
  12. I judge planting time by the supermarket tomato plants! If the local market has the just the little 6 packs of tomatoes out, you have about a 50% chance of frost still. If the big one gallon plants are out, it is safe to plant in your area!

    (It is snowing here as I type! I envy your long growing season!)

  13. its a blessing and a burden.. my plants have the ablilty to reach probally 5 feet tall which can be a hassle to hide.. and trim haha.

  14. I put six dutch passion auto pounders in the ground today hopefully they live up to the claimsof a 1 pound plant
  15. damn 6lbs of bud? thats alot bro
  16. Yeah its a lot but that is their description of what it could produce under "optimal conditions" so really I would be glad to reap 2lbs if that is even possible. I haven't seen anyone who has grown them , no joirnals or anything of the sort just the manufacturers claims ya know. Any one else heard of this auto pounder strain from dutch passion they are about 13.50 per bean
  17. best way i've found to know when to water, is the knuckle deep trick...

    just plunge a finger to the first knuckle into the soil, if it's damp there, your good on water.

    in the heat of the summer that usually equates to about .5 gallons per plant every few days
  18. awesome thanks SS, its been raining a good bit here lately so i wont have to water for like another week. Which means i wont have to visit my spot..even though i love it, less chance of getting caught :DD

  19. Well optimal conditions probally refer to inside controlled grow, not an outdoor under the wrath of nature.. just my thoughts, keep a journal though and let us know

    I'll be posting weekly pics of my babes too!

  20. where i'm at right now i havent had to water a single bit yet (4 weeks from seed atm) after the morning dew, the soil right now is staying super moist

    based on last years, mid june early july will be when the toting of the water jugs begins heh :wave:

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