to dream or not to dream, that is the true question

Discussion in 'General' started by smoking penguin, May 3, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a while and make a point to try and recall dreams in order to work toward lucid dreaming. (Lucid dreaming is were you realize your are dreaming but are able to control the dream ie make yourself fly) well due to certain areas of the brain and what mj affects most people do not dream more so if you smoke before bed. I'm just curious if others are able to dream and if you think mj is affecting any aspect of that.
  2. weed either makes me forget my dreams or not dream at all, i'm not sure which. that's one of the positives to being on a break because i like lucid dreaming as well.
  3. How much can you control when dreaming? Can you control little details, the setting, or reality of the dream? I have been researching it and trying to find others that try it. I'm also just curious on the sleep states and ability to dream of fellow smokers.
  4. Always been a good/vivid dreamer. Even with heavy mj use I still get a nice long one every once in a while. I will note that nights pass far quicker and w/o dreaming as often as I used to though. One of my favorite dreams was discovering I had spiderman powers and swung around some city my mind made up. After a while I was able to control it to an extent, but not like you would be able to in real life. Perspectives are distorted, and as such, you're movements sometimes cause unpredictable results. Anyway, breaks are best for dreaming, don't expect something crazy if you smoke a lot. That's not something weed does, there are other things that will but I refrain from those substances.
  5. I've been smoking for a while breaks here and there and when I first began smoking I had the best dreams, like I could take on the world. Than I went through some party years and when I drank and smoked didn't dream at all. I don't drink anymore and have realized I can lucid dream but I can't stop waking up and really want to go a lot further but have hit a

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