to do or not do do? u be the judge

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by streetballa, May 30, 2003.

  1. well my and my frined passed by this house and we saw a bud plant outside and the people that live there are old people,anywayz the question im asking is should me and my friend jack it and hope it is a bud plant or dont take it?plz share your opinions.
  2. might not be a marijauna plant and it wouldn,t be ready anyway.Besides that old guy could be me:D ,and ya proberly wouldn,t wanna upset a old guy like me in real life .
  3. make friendly with the kind old folks. bring em something with coconut. they love coconut
  4. dude...
    thats just fucked.

    Old people can be stoners too...if anything i'd encourage it, seniors have power in politics.

    anyway...dude, the old guy and his wife just want to get stoned.
    Make friends with them, and when they harvest, smoke with em :)

    and I wouldnt risk it anyway if your not sure..
    wouldnt wanna jack a palm tree from a old couple.
  5. Not cool, you shouldn't be stealin weed offa anyone
  6. Agreed, leave the shit alone, do you want people stealin from you???
  7. quote:
    Originally posted by goat_boy
    Not cool, you shouldn't be stealin weed offa anyone

    yea i agree with goat if u stole my plants i would probly try to find u and when i finnaly did find u i would rip your balls off and make u eat them even if i was an old man no joke!modds plz dont delete me for saying that lol

    how would u feel if u put all this work into growing urself a pot plant and someone stole it from u?thats right u would be so fuckin pissed u would wanna find em and beat em so he/she would never do it to anyone again am i not right?
  8. how hard is it to just plant a bag seed? man, if it's 5 inches tall it's like a week old :p wouldn't take ya long to get to that point.
  9. hahah, It's probably a trap!!!

  10. i wouldnt take the whole plant, just sneak a cutting;)
  11. got kinda a thugged out Gangsta thing goin with Shade, but anyway, yeah, dont take their entire plant, just a cutting or 2. If i had a crop growin outside, i wouldnt mind if someone took a cutting off my plant, accually, i probably wouldnt even notice. but if someone took the whole plant, I'd be pissed:)
  12. lol TCH101 man i was scared to i was fuckin ripped and ready to do it until i actually got there,o well there is alwayz tonite
  13. man if i was in your position and he came out i would just say if u dont let me take it i will tell the police your growing also take a camera with u just in case he does catch u and gets pissed just take pics of it and if he does shit just tell the police black male him LoL but there is always a case where he could say u planted it there but u could always just say take finger prints and his prints would be all over the pot i think
  14. man just had to do this cause now i can be at 100 posts wahoo
  15. just leave it alone cause they could do some shit to u and thats just not right i mean it is there weed if u want try to make friends and learn how to grow cause im sure they know how to grow good weed and maybe its there grand son or son growing it dont mess with it w/e u do
  16. This Forum is not even releated to the topic ...this is for growers to discuss growing ... not snaching a plant
    I'm ashamed i even read to the second page
  17. I hope when the old folks's biker son finds you they'll fix your punk asses.....u jerks!
  18. well here's the way i see 6" tall it's hardly likely to be in flower, and if it is, it will not yield very much, and if it is flowering then he must take it indoors at night for 12 hours.........have you even considered that they may be growing it for medicinal use, they are would you feel if you had been married for years to the same person and that person is in constant pain and it's the only thing that alleviates it, so you go as far as to break the law to ease your partners pain, and some kid decides to steel your plant, and you see your partner suffer due to it???.........not very nice is it?........why don't you just grow your own?............Peace out...........Sid
  19. most likely its like a rose bush LoL
  20. lol funny shit......keep us updated on your further juvinial trips:).....takes me back to the old cow tipping me just say not all cows sleep at night and them bitches sound scary when they get

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