To Cut or not to Cut

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    I clipped a clone off of my friends blueberry haze plant,

    it was a fairly big plant so when I topped it the clone still has large long stemmed fan leaves coming off the main stem, should I get rid of them? or should I keep them, I know they are important, but they are weighing down my clone even with the leaves cut in half.
  2. holy stretch!

    i would leave them but chop the bottom growth the big fan leaves are FULL of nutriants for rooting.

    let them get all yellow during cloning and judge it then if you want to cut them or not
  3. Yea, super stretchy, They are so long they were really stressing the plant out. they are taking up so much space in the cloning room XD.
  4. This is what I personally do:

    Cut off ALL of the leaves except for the very top set. They are just gonna take up space, weigh the clone down, and yellow off and die.
  5. i've always cut the fan leaves in half, i heard that more energy is put into rooting versus actual growth. Hasn't let me down yet. To date i have a 100% clone success rate with long healthy white roots in about 2 weeks give or take depending on the strain.

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